Premium to Platinum Soul Membership

You are a premium Soul member if you see this page and have access to join Platinum Soul Monthly Membership.

To qualify to join the Platinum Soul monthly Membership, you must have already purchased all of Jule’s current 2021 – 3 products

  1. Crypto Report one 2021/2022
  2. Crypto Report two 2021/2022
  3. Time Sensitive Pack

The reason for this is so Jule can give you regular updates on these reports and also so we can discuss freely movements and prices of the altcoins in the Discord.

Included in this Platinum Soul Membership

  1. Updates as they come for all 3 products – CR 1, CR 2 & TS Pack.
  2. Access to Discord to meet like-minded, discuss reports & all things Crypto
  3. Altcoin requests.
  4. Learn Energy & Prices for all other members Altcoin request = new opportunities for gain.
  5. Occasional communication with Jule in Discord.
  6. Further spiritual understanding with like-minded people, to allow abundance to flow and stay within your resonance. Open to your intuition.
Platinum Soul Membership $99 per month – Subscription ( cancel at any time.)
Payment can be made with Paypal or Crypto. Note Crypto payments take longer to process and will be on hold until payment checked. You will need to go each month and make payment via crypto if you choose to continue your membership privileges. So Crypto payments will manually have to repurchase again each month.

What happens once I join?

  1. You will get access to Private pages of this site in which whilst on membership you can log-in and view at anytime. These pages/videos will be Jules updates to Altcoins prices in reports and other information on Altcoins not in the reports. Sometimes prices of other Altcoins. Any important information going on in the crypto space spirit wants to share.
  2. You will get a private discord link to join the Private members-only Discord group. (Note* link not to be shared with anyone else, you will be removed if others are added with the link and denied access.)
Note* This information ii this private pages and the Discord group are private and copyright to Jule – not to be shared without approval. JuleGoddess Creative PTY LTD takes no responsibility for the outcomes pertaining to this information. This is not financial advice do your own research before investing and trust your own guidance above all else.
Goddess Creative PTY LTD – Reserves the right to alter, change, add or remove any altcoin asset as we see fit. It is at the full discretion of the company, owners and employees to update or not information in this report.
Goddess creative and Jule provides this report for entertainment purposes only in good faith to be used as a guide only. Jule and employees of Goddess Creative Pty LTD hold no liability.