Here at Goddess Creative, you will find self-help support of information on empowering yourself into your True Empowered Self.

You will also find amazing brain retraining tools like music audios containing Binaural affirmation audios and also creative visualization manifestation meditations. They all have the 528 hrz is the tone of pure love healing energy vibration. Which just by listening to it you can raise your vibration. You could even choose to have custom audio done just for you. These are super easy to use, just put them at night while you sleep and start healing, creating new brain neurons as these audios re-train your mind and your belief systems. Check out our audios here.

And if you have found yourself here and what you want is direct answers on your spiritual path and believe you could benefit from connecting directly and communicating with YOUR Higher-Self, guides or Source/Creator then see here for more information regarding a Higher-Self Soul Regression session.

About, Holistic Coach – Jule Diamond is a spiritual holistic coach that has used the law of Attraction to manifest successfully for the last decade. She has been a life coach for 18 years.

Diploma in Life Coaching – 2001, Certificate in Energy Healing – 2001, Diploma – Theta  Healing – 2005,  EFT training – 2006, Intuitive heart program 2012, Certificate in Soul Regression Therapy 2019, Beyond Quantum Healing BQH – 2019

Her soul vision is to help woman empower themselves to be in their own empowerment and highest alignment.

Note* from Jule – This is my life’s work and I am incredibly passionate about it.

I can help you embrace your full self of empowerment, understand your passion, manifest positively and spiritually evolve to find true happiness in every area of your life. I do this by helping you develop your own connection with consciousness energy and raise your vibration. Helping you overcome obstacles and creatively renewing you into the highest form of your true-self. My approach is liberating, along with tools and techniques are easy to use in a busy fast past life………My belief is you are not broken and need to be fixed, no not at all, I know you are perfect and whole, we just need to unlock the potentials already within you and I have the keys to help you do this.

I have been spiritually awake all my life but not always living in my alignment.  I remember my contract coming into this life, as well as astral traveling out of my body when I was a child in my classroom. I tried many years to live a somewhat normal semi-unconscious life because that was what was required of me to survive here. Being born an Empath has made that incredibly difficult to not be here for my full purpose. And like many that have traveled this path we all bare in common, extremes of contrast in our childhood to wake us up and keep us awake. To help us look within, find knowledge and strength to transmute that energy as it is just an energy experience story it does not break the spirit but strengthen it and give it knowledge in this lifetime.

My experience and knowledge is based around working with energy and understanding the unified field, using ancient techniques that have been lost over history. My belief is very much we are spiritual beings trying to live a human existence and unless we come from a place of authenticity and heart wisdom our empowerment of the true self spiritually is limited.

Never underestimate how amazing you are!

JD x