Update for DAG


This is a latest Updated version so far of the Digital Assets Guide – DAG

This of course is by no means complete and always being updated/ added to and changed.

Recommended to order this every month or so for latest update.


If you want a particular asset checked then request that here



As I get client requests for readings and periodically check prices for myself or the DAG in general. I will update the Digital Assets Guide.

You must understand changing moving market is also the Energy of life as freewill intent plays out with time, it is always changing moving. It nevers stops and stands still for anyone.

*Free updates are given at my leisure via Youtube and not via email.

This is a paid request and is emailed to you. You will see in the last column the last time an project was updated.

In general unless something very much changes with a projects Energy, the prices stay similar. I consider when I check prices time and time again over a period of time, the probability to be higher for accuracy if I keep getting the same prices for a project. I generally keep the old price and add a variant with the new price as well.

Understand – This is not an exact science and Im just doing my best to get as close to probability as possible.