Altcoin yearly Pre-read


This product is a pre-read Altcoin I have already read this year. It is for yearly prices for a single Altcoin for the timeline of 2024, 2025, 2026 and up.

Covering a time period yearly for the next few years. Covering this run now and the run of 2026.

Altcoins will be added to the drop down menu as they become available.

Allow up to 4 business days so I have time to check the prices of your request are as up to date & accurate as possible.

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This is a pre-read altcoin I have read recently by another clients request. Thats why there is limited Altcoins on my list available and why I can offer this work to you cheaper. If the Altcoin you are after is not in this list then request a new full Altcoin request reading here. Doing the full reading with Tarot takes around 2.5 hrs to produce over 3 days checking the prices.

These pre-read altcoins have been read in the last few months. The prices will be rechecked fresh before being sent to you to make sure you are getting the most accurate price at the time. Please allow up to 24 – 48 hr in business days for me to meditate & divine work on your request. If you have put in bulk requests then it will most likely take longer. Please allow for International timeline/timezone.

I have asked about the Altcoins future, if it is a good investment and how long its lifetime is? I have attained price points in the timelines in the next few years.

These will be disclosed to you privately via return email. With a link to the most recent Tarot read I have done for that project.


NOTE* This is not financial advice and there is no guarantee’s that prices or times will get hit. For entertainment purposes only.

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