Personalised Audios

Goddess creative – personalised pre-recorded dream visual manifestation meditations. The personalisation of both the Creative visualisation manifestation meditations and the Brain retraining Affirmation audios music can be customised for you to exactly what you desire.

I work personally with you to provide this and it looks like this –

1.Creative visualisation manifestation meditations – I help you define your manifestation goal and set the scene you are comfortable with the exact details of your desires. Everything from a Prada handbag to that sportscar you desire on your vision board. Music is customised along with the guided audio which you can have the voiceover choice of my voice and yours.

2.Brain retraining Affirmation audios music for empowerment and manifestation. The words are still placed in the “I am” because these are the most powerful Christ consciousness statement you can say. The affirmations are carefully selected by you and with my help. Because sometimes and depending on your situation it is more beneficial to stack affirmation statements closer to your vibration and then move up. This is why a personal consultation is included. Music is customised along with the guided audio which you can have the voiceover choice of your own voice (better) or my voice (if your own voice will rattle your vibration whilst listening).

The process of personalised audio –

  1. A Personal questionnaire will be sent to you so you can answer the finer details about your desires.
  2. Then a Q & A and appointment time is made via email for a Skype or Whatsapp appointment time.
  3. Scheduled personal consultation on Skype or Whatsapp for approx. 15 -20 min
  4. Email clarifying any editing of the full script details of your Affirmation or your Creative Visualisation manifestation audio. Subject to any changes before recording.
  5. Recording by myself or yourself. (you can record on your smartphone)
  6. The file then edited and mixed with binaural and music.
  7. Completed file is given you via your own personal private access on our site.

Note* that even though the Creative Visual meditation is shorter in length and more expensive it does take alot longer to produce to create the visual content. Neither one is better than the other, but I would recommend working with re-training first to re-train the thought processes. However working with both would be superior method to the best outcome. Or alternatively working with a generic version and your own personalised.

Personalised Audio – Creative visualisation Meditation- Manifesting

Creative visualisation Meditation

Personalised Audio – Affirmation – Brain Re-Training

Brain Re-Training