Personalised Audio – Creative visualisation Meditation- Manifesting

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30 min Creative Personalised Visual meditation for manifesting. Includes some “I AM” affirmations, Voice over creative visual design, Solfeggio – 528 hrz love frequency binaural tone and relaxing audio music.

See full details below for process of ordering. It generally takes up to 5 days for full completion to end product.

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These are guided meditations of suggested visions that help you connect with your higher-self, the universal life force and manifestation intents. Goddess Life – Personalised Creative visualisation manifestation meditations work in a similar way as our other creative visualisation meditations, we still use the presence and future by the “I am” statements and creatively designing outcomes we desire. Which is conducive to manifesting.

I believe however these Personalised are more powerful and faster outcomes than our generic version because it is all tailor made to you. Your mind is a natural questioner if you have been prone to judgement and judging things in the past, this habit in your mind can be particularly hard to break if you are unconscious you are doing it. Then really the personalised audios are the best way for you to manifest faster without your own judging mind taking over. See more on judgement an why it hinders in blog here.

This is the personalised Guided scenes, so you are welcome to pick any scene you desire. A questionnaire on your unique style of audio will be sent to you after check out.

Many people are not good at sustaining visualisations alone for themselves during a session and their mind tends to wonder. If this is you, these creative visualisations are incredibly helpful in keeping you on track. Especially with your manifestation. Therefore, also exercising and strengthening your creative visualisation ability. Then just being able to call the vision at will in your minds-eye and for as long as you like as many times as you like throughout the day….This strengthens the manifesting process as universal consciousness does not know what is real or not- reality. So, will bring to you what you think about and imagine the most. Being in the relaxed state of meditation whilst doing this builds the bond with Creation and your own divining creativity to manifest consciously.

It is very powerful and is what I call conscious creating and being a conscious creator, like drawing a picture but in your mind and working with the universe to produce emotion/feeling whilst doing this exercise can create miracles.

Examples of what these creative visual manifestations look/sound like –

For the health manifestation, you will be guided into Cell renewal energizing visual exercises. Then healthy visual scenes in your mind, doing things whereby you are whole, strong healthy and vibrant.

For wealth building you are guided to a pristine place where every luxury is yours, examples of luxury scenes and experiences are played out for you to imagine in your mind.

Very important not to sweat the small stuff as details are not that important within the manifesting dream. Your version of what colour your outfit is in your vision or what the water looks like is irrelevant as long as you like what you see. But try as I said not to sweat the small detail stuff that is a judgement because your mind will lose sight of the flow of what we are trying to achieve.

If you have not liked meditation much in the past then this will change your idea of it completely.  Creative Visual Meditation = Fun & Results                                        JD

Ever since I have used this style of meditation I have manifested so much easier and faster. I use the creative visual manifestation audio to manifest my desires. They just flow easily and fast now especially if I remain in the state of easy allowing even when out of meditation.

Note* Must not be used whilst driving. Intended use in quiet solitude whilst going within for meditation.

The process of personalised audio –

  1. Apon purchase – A Personal questionnaire will be sent to you so you can answer the finer details about your desires. Along with Affirmation selections.
  2. Then an appointment time is confirmed via email for a Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp.
  3. Scheduled personal consultation on Skype, Facebook (Facebook messenger accepts calls) or Whatsapp for approx. 15 -20 min
  4. Approx up to 3 days later. Email clarifying any editing of the full script details of your Affirmation or your Creative Visualisation manifestation audio. Subject to any changes before recording.
  5. Recorded voice by myself or yourself. (you can record on your smartphone)
  6. The file then edited and mixed with binaural and music.
  7. Completed file is given you via your own personal private access on our site. Within 5 days.


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