LOVE my BODY Alchemy Meditation

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Alchemy Love Meditation audio –  approx 18 minutes long with relaxing music, 528 htz LOVE tone and guided intention voice over.

Sample of Love Body Meditation –

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LOVE my BODY Alchemy Meditation

This meditation is the perfect meditation for all women, even if you think you love your body (most women look in the mirror and condemn some part of themselves) it is of great benefit in building body confidence and self-esteem. Then, in turn, aiding in your manifesting ability!

It is particularly helpful if you experience pain anywhere in your body because this will completely change your energy focus to what you have been previously sending your body energy-wise. And that is extremely important when it comes to healing and being accountable for your own energy you are putting out. Even if you only listen a few times will change the relationship between you and your body.

This is a breakthrough method of love and acceptance to your body, your body that serves you so well. Understanding how energy works with your thoughts, words, and intentions. If you have been sending negative messages to your body for as long as you can remember and you have been feeling disappointment, anger, shame, guilt, or dislike then all of it manifests its self in negative outcomes. Either being physical emotional outcomes.

You wonder why –

  • You are in pain and can not make the pain go away yourself or without drugs,
  • You are overweight, and cannot understand why you cannot lose weight or if you do you put it back on.
  • You train so hard to lose weight and be fit but it’s a constant battle.
  • Abusive behavior pertaining to overeating, drinking, sex, or spending
  • Self-doubt and lacking confidence.
  • Attract destructive partners in life or your past relationships have been not supportive, giving, and caring the way they should be.

All of the above is a manifestation of negative programming and of not loving SELF and BODY. It’s not just what your body looks like I’m talking about either but the way it functions too that this has had an effect on your energy.

We have all heard the saying Love you first and then he will love and respect you.

So I cannot underestimate the power and importance of loving yourself which builds self-esteem and then solves other problems too. But most don’t know how to do it… Right?

Alchemy is the way you do it! Listening, nurturing self, and reprogramming. It May seem weird listening to meditation like this and talking to your body but you have talked to your body negatively unconsciously all these years anyway.  Acknowledgment and forgiveness mend a thousand fences.

Once this healing starts working on an energetic level so does the work of releasing other negative energies you may have thought unconsciously about yourself.  I am talking about fading away anger. resentment, fear, disappointment, hate, and shame in self. By working with this audio and doing it regularly you will release these bound energies within you over time. And releasing these negatives is what gives light to much easier manifesting positively.

This meditation is done with intention, eyes open towards the body part mentioned in the audio and in appreciation. This is a moving meditation kind of like a relaxed daydream. The aim of the meditation is to go into heart space and send love to different body parts sending your conscious acceptance and love. Towards the end of the audio, your attention is drawn to a colour relating to a chakra and its body part. There is a 45 -60-second time lapse between each body part to allow for your own time and attention to that area.

It’s a moving meditation with movements through touching and caressing body parts, you can do this in the bath while listening to this audio. Or in an uninterrupted quiet room. Perhaps in candle-light is nice and should be performed as needed. But recommended at least once a fortnight or month. More often if great healing is needed.


Notes about using audio*  When I use the words minds-eye relates to you visualising the suggestion image I give to you in your mind. It does not matter the exact details, these are only suggestions of the image, you are welcome to change the picture, colours and any details to anything you like. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is just what is perfect and right for you. Be in the allowing creative space of this practice.

This audio Meditation has relaxing music along with a solfeggio binaural tone in the background.  The tone may sound strange at first but is important and at such a vibration as to connect on an etheric level enabling healing and re-structuring of cell matter. And either have affirmations in a low tone done in the “I am” statements or in the case of the creative visualisation guidance also using the “I am” statements.

Why solfeggio binaural tone and what tone is it? We use a 528 hrz love frequency tone which resonates with a high purity vibration of love to unite us with unity conscious, balance our energy and heal.

Why the “I am” statements?

The metaphysical meaning of “ I am” is the real spiritual Christ consciousness of each and every person. Your aspect of you that is I am life, love, wisdom connected divine universal consciousness.

Use the guidance of the voice to be like your own voice.  So You can repeat the words in your head as this will cement the intention work. Just like saying your positive affirmations! Also, note* It may be tricky (uncomfortable) to do this practice in the beginning (depending on the level of emotional pain) and you may feel silly doing it but please have patience and push through the ego and self-doubt (negative mind) to allow the magic and alchemy of this to work.

Please note* these audios should NOT be listened to whilst driving as these audios having the relaxed binaural tone producing a relaxed state and may cause drowsiness. For the Creative visualization meditation audios please listen to these with the expectation to go into meditation. So in a quiet place sitting or lying down where you can close your eyes and relax to go into the meditation.

Please Note* I have put this Love meditation on sale not because it is cheap and not worth anything but because I want as many as possible to be healed by being able to afford and use it. Namaste



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