DAG Fav Alt price checked 24 hr


To get your favorite one altcoin in the DAG prices checked, with a 24 hour turn around.

As people may start to get nervous with the market, they may want confirmation on one certain altcoin they hold in higher amount. This product guarantees I look at your Alts request straight away and its prices is updated along with the latest DAG update so far. Emailed to you.

One altcoin that is in the DAG (Please note you have to have a history of preorder of this DAG to order and receive this product.) if you have never ordered the Digital Assets Guide previously, your order will be rejected.

Note if you want more than one checked within the 24 hrs this may take longer and cost more. Please email me jule@goddesscreative.com

Available on back-order



*Please put the name of your Altcoin in the COMMENTS BOX on the checkout page.