Q. Are you 100% accurate?

A. No………. When asking my guide on my accuracy I got around 82%

Q. Is this information good for trading?

A. No, as no prices are set in stone. This is NOT Financial advice. Use as a guide only for longer-term swing trades. Spiritual ethereal information from guides is given from both their and my perspective trying to hone in on a timeline. Understand there is NO calendar or clock ( this 3D world we live in the timeline) in the ethereal dimensions. So trying to pinpoint to timelines is tricky and why no other psychics ususally give timelines.

Q. So why do you give timelines?

A. Because I know all Prices eventually will get hit. It is also the way I work with my guide and have conversations. I have been honing skills in this area for a while now and I feel this year I am improving and honing the connection even further. Like anything the more you practice and the better both my guide and my conversation is, the better the clarity……………… This year pieces are not getting lost in translation as much. But it all takes time, skill, and practice.

Q. How can the Reports help me?

A. They can act as a guide and help you make decisions going forward in your portfolio, with which cyrptocurrency will be a better asset to be in and when might be a good idea to make a move. Again only a guide!

Q. Pyschic intuitive Intel why does it change and why Psychics can be wrong?

A. Because we usually see/feel/hear/get a timeline of sometime in the future that something will happen. Everybody/being has free will. That can be changed before the timeline is reached. Sometimes the collective conscious (a large group of being energy/people intention) have free will to change an outcome. Or also even Market manipulation because this is still such a small market. A Psychic cannot foresee a person’s free will to change an outcome at any given moment.

We live in a reality of multi-dimensions which has many, many facets. And so you may have heard that there is another you in another timeline living a very different life. Well, this is true and that’s what psychics do anchor into a timeline so see something in the future. That’s what they see! Can you bring your vibration higher to match the timeline of reality you would desire, of course you can.

So the more a psychic dedicates themselves to the intuitive practice, the better skills, understanding on their own learning path at the gift they are developing.

Q. Are Prices in USD?

A. Yes

Q. What Cryptocurrency do you accept?

A. Bitcoin Cash – BCH, Chainlink – LINK, Vechain – Vet, Digibyte – DGB, Eth Classic – ETC, Ripple – XRP, Dogecoin – DOGE, Litecoin – LTC, Bitcoin Gold – BTC, Omesigo Network – OMG, Qtum, QTUM, Stellar – XLM, Binance Coin – BNB, Tezzos – XTZ

Bitcoin – BTC But do not order the report with BTC or your exchange will most likely charge you a $20 fee to send BTC

Q. Why don’t you accept ZIL, or DOT or Theta as crypto payments? They are your favorites.

A. Because my WordPress plugin for receiving crypto payments does not have these Altcoins for me to choose to use on my site. I can only accept the crypto that the plugin provides for me to use. Even though you can pay anyone in these cryptos if a transaction would to come through not via my website I cannot track it, process it, or fill the order. So unfortunately it is at this stage only these cryptocurrencies above.

Q. How do I make a payment in Cryptocurrency?

A. Start the process of your order and make sure you have your own wallet open and are ready to send your crypto to make the payment. Once you have chosen your Altcoin you want to pay with and clicked order, my website will give you the crypto address you need to send your payment to…………………. Send the exact amount my website asks you to. Its that simple! I will check for the payment on my end most likely in business hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for checking. My website will then send you a confirmation your payment has been received. Your order will change from on HOLD to PROCESSING…….. Please allow up to 24 business hours for the order in PDF to be emailed to you. Normally this is much quicker but it does depend on high volume. First in firstt served processing as soon as possible so don’t worry.

Only contact me after 48 Business hours has passed Australian Brisbane QLD time and you have not received your order. But first check your spam and Junk folders just in case it went there.

Q. I made a payment in Cryptocurrency and have not received my order?

A. Did you send the exact amount my website requested? If you did not this can slow down an order for days. Understand I get many crypto transactions I must be able to identify the transaction is yours.

  1. Email me with your Transaction id ( Tx Id)
  2. Exact amount you sent?
  3. The sender Address (You)
  4. The receiver address (me)

This enables me to search the blockchain for your transaction and cross check. Sending me a screenshot of only your payment is successfully sent is not enough.

Q. Do you do updates to the Reports?

A. Currently only regular 1-2 month updates to Crypto Report One 2021/2022 (Done at my leisure)

A. Crypto Report Two 2021/2022 does not have as regular updates on prices. It will be checked to see if prices continue up and that project survives though. It’s just too hard to continue to update so many altcoin prices. Crypto Report Two 2021/2022 has all 4 x prices but will not be placing the prices in the timelines, even drop price………… What it means with it going forward is you will have all the prices ascending up but not tied to the 4 quarters and I will not be updating prices in the 4 quarters like I am trying to do with crypto Report one 2021/2022. Which is extremely stressful to me especially if they don’t exactly hit in a timeline……….. Already Theta as you will see has gone past my predicted price for March.

What is extremely important to stress to people who are not aware of ethereal energy. Is that if Spirit gives me a price they will get hit just impossible to tie into timeline. The timeline is only an idea/guide to as we ascend.

Q. How do I get an update to a report?

A. Updates are done at my leisure when needed are via YouTube free. I provide this as a free service as I desire that you remain up to date with the latest intel regarding the report. As we know timelines shift sometimes pushing the price-points in different directions. Most in life does not stay set in stone but some still does. That is why the need to update you occasionally with the report.      Once I have done an update and to get the update emailed to you directly – https://goddesscreative.com/product/donation/     *Note keep your receipt no. or the date you ordered to add to comments box on checkout. So we can process and send you update fast!

Q. What’s the difference between the reports?

A. Basically Crypto Report One & Crypto Report Two have completely different Altcoins in them.

Author: Jule

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  1. Hey Jule, i just discovered your channel yesterday and put in my order for (Crypto Report 1 2021/2022 x 1) today before coming across your last video regarding the cycle of market sentiment.
    4100 DATE: March 13, 2021 EMAIL: uniquepecehf@gmail.com TOTAL: $79.95 PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal.
    will i be getting an updated version of this going forward and if yes possible timeline. Blessings and keep up the good work.

    • Hello Paul, updates are done at my leisure and are on Youtube updated to you. If you want an email version of any future updates then you would need to send a donation with the order number.
      Blessings Jule

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