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Long time no chat or no blog should I say! If you are not aware of my energy, I am an emotional whirlwind of divine feminine energy that has me developing my spiritual intuitive gifts, sharing spiritual and crypto intel when I can, and most importantly the focus is evolving the soul. This, in my awareness being that it’s correct intuition or not, assists others and uplifts.

So today I took time for a deep meditation sitting in my lounge room overlooking the ocean. Yes, some of you may be aware, I am blessed to have manifested myself an ocean view. It is a truly magical way to meditate and connect with Source and my guides. Because when my mind goes off track and wavers into my own mind for answers as I am talking to spirit, just looking at the water of the beautiful earth ocean brings me back to Source energy every time. Out of my head and into Source truth.

Understanding energy and working with spirit is very tricky to define and I am a student of this honing my skills. For example, when I am too attached to an outcome, so in other words some topic that’s for me is big, it is quite difficult for me to get highest truth Source wisdom because the energy gets tainted by my own desire for a certain outcome…………… That’s why crypto coin prediction readings and other people’s readings are much easier, clearer and cleaner for me, Because I do not care about the outcome. No vested interest! However, when it is something that is not important for me, like finding something trivial, I have lost or misplaced there is not intense energy around it or great need, so then the energy is clear and I get exactly as I ask. You know like manifesting that car space at the front door. Lol…………… I am perfecting my understanding and energy all the time regarding this. The universe would not have given me this gift for no reason, I am meant to assist through this time. I am also human female woman who is not going through the sacrifices I have without a reason………. This reality of mine is very lonely, on many levels. I feel like a recluse at times……….. I do want to take the time right now to thank the beautiful people who have sent me messages and positive energy. I am blessed to connect with you!

So to shine a light on what I am talking about a bit further, it would be super easy just to invest my crypto and find love with a new relationship (albeit I would have to dumb myself down to fit in and not talk about everything I know.) and forget about all of this. Wait for the run, its going to happen anyway and live a more fun and semi-unconscious life. It’s just not my souls path and how I wish it was at times because life would be so simpler.  So instead sometimes I feel like I am living in a twilight zone of a few different realities that I am in and out, 3D – 5D, such a strange sensation at times especially with the crazy goings on in the world now. Moving away from people who are not resonating where I’m at or if I do spend time with them its in incredibly small doses……….. It does, when I reflect on it in down time, leave a 3D reality feeling lonely and isolated, not so in the 5D I will say. I’m not whingeing here, even though it may sound like it. I am trying to express the energy of my calling. When asking spirit I have been told I am not meant to have a partner until after this wealth/shift has come because I would just be distracted. I would Not be of assistance as I am meant to be because there would be too many others energies in my zone distracting from my path right now. Its even in relation to contact with family, its all small doses as to not distract me from my path. They say the path of the way shower is a lonely path and it is indeed. But it does not stop the human feeling of wanting contact but all contact is energy, like a catch 22. Everything is energy and energy can be distraction or shifts our focus. Not only that spending all this time alone offers reflection enabling self-development which is one of the cornerstones to spiritually grow. No distraction more time to reflect.

So, one of the reasons I have taken this time is for clarity and a breather from work is to get very much clearer for my own portfolio going forward. Because I do feel like we are running out of time for this. The shit or should I say the next crash is coming that will affect all markets. Including the crypto market which is the one I focus on. So, with all my crypto coin request readings in the past few weeks I have been getting there is a drop coming. I get that drop will be about 35% and be most likely September.

Now as I talk of seeking answers from spirit and trying to get truth and clarity, getting out the way of my own desires. As I said to get the truth I need to have clean and cleared, not rushed my communication and connection, look at where my own energy is when doing the asking…………..

Like don’t get me wrong I 100% believe spirit has my back, I am supported by the universe however, I do need to watch things like greed, this is part of this plane’s navigation. And this is for me what happened with Ampleforth a few weeks ago, I Fomo’ed into this one with everyone else that could see the great rebates it was giving back about 10 days ago now….. I asked spirit about this and getting in, boy I wanted a yes, can’t be wrong, right! Well, I bought in about 10 days ago and have not seen a positive rebate yet. How wrong could I be! Greed got in my road here and spirit does work in mysterious ways……….. I have of course asked if I should get out of it in the past week and keep getting a no, I have also asked spirit is this a test or lesson I am meant to be learning re AMPL and I get, No………… Since my own prediction timelines and other psychic’s predictions have not come to pass on this. I decided just the last few days, it doesn’t matter. I am going to write off those funds and cut my losses because with spirit I could not make head or tails of it……… Anyway, I know the income coming soon, on already invested crypto will do so well, I would just need to wait longer. Don’t be greedy Jule and right it off to only listen with care to your own intuition, no more Fomo’ing into things. I have done it too many times in the past and has never worked for me.

Ok so back to AMPL and my meditation today, such a beautiful divine connection today, it was not rushed and I just sat and had a conversation with spirit. Regarding my portfolio, confirming the drop again, what should I do with this AMPL, should I cash out now? No, I should not cash out spirit says. Again, asking is it funds I should just let go? No, I got, It will run soon I got! So, defining even further when will it run? I got the 25th, so that’s soon! Again, checking and checking is this Source truth wisdom coming through? Yes………. I told spirit I felt doubtful from last time……..So,  guess what spirit showed me looking out into the ocean? A pod of dolphins………………..No joke my confirmation right at the asking if this AMPL info is correct was a pod of dolphins swimming and playing in the water. First time I have seen this btw. I am far away, its not that easy to see them because the day is not a clear day but I seen and watched this pod of dolphins’ swim past my view from my loungeroom…………. I was honoured and floored at the confirmation and communication from Source at that exact timing. So, today, I do absolutely take this as a sign!

Our signs are everywhere if we just look, like the continual digits we get of multiplying numbers we see daily. But for me the pod of dolphins was such a rare occurrence to receive from my lounge room window at exact timing. So I guess we will see soon if this info is correct! This would give just enough time to regain some of those rebates before changing into VET, DENT, ADA, BCH, BTG, DOT, IOST, LINK, OMG, ETC, XTZ and Wasirx. If I have not mentioned others its because I already have enough of them.

My friend has been worrying and asking about Kucoin exchange and I get it is ok at the moment but yes it will have problems at the end of the year. I would think it a good idea with this exchange to move your AMPL funds off Kucoin or cash out earlier than later. Which is personally what I am going to do with it. Some will not, I understand they will ride this rebase thing when it goes back up, but I get to be careful with it, you are not left holding a bag of it again at an even lower price.

It is into the first week or so of September I see a drop and so that is when I will be using the AMPL funds to get those other crypto I have been wanting to get, before the bigger run to year end. Because when it runs, I get it will run but some will be doing great and it will be difficult to move funds because the exchanges will get clogged up. I get it will be better next year for the exchanges and it is second quarter I have seen amazing prices on virtually 90% percent of the coin readings I have done. And I am talking reticula’s amazing prices!

So now is the time to get organized and in prime position for this run. In the next couple of weeks get the crypto you wanted to get and then sit back and wait…….Crazy if you are going to trade it like day trade as it will be crazy in my opinion. I want to be in this, this is what we have been waiting for! This is the shift in wealth, it’s nearly upon us peeps!

I am all up to date with orders finally and opening up my coin requests again as of Monday…….. These crypto coin requests are good in the respect they direct my focus to a coin’s energy that could assist all of us. Please I ask that you don’t put in more than 2 coin requests at a time. I have had people do a load at a time and the pressure to get through your order for me is intense especially for other orders also arriving at the same time. …………….. In celebration of my confirmation from spirit that what I am doing is truly assisting with coin requests. I am offering 15% Discount if payment is made with cryptocurrency. And 20% discount off my products for payment in ETC (eth classic) and LINK (Chainlink) crypto payments……….Obviously, because I know the prices these two will get too next year and I do not have much of them, get some more for yourselves and get a discount too. Win-win! As we all move into the new digital system good to get used to using and paying for things with crypto.

Blessings Jule

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