CR 1 update Spirit Press 9th Sept 2022

Taking a look at CR 1

Hi All, hope you are all well!

Taking a look at the CR 1 and checking its prices for what could be the highest point being October. I am at this stage only focusing on what’s going to hit for this year. Then after that the reminder that the other prices will eventually get hit with time.

As you can see by the photo all prices for Box 1 2021 are still correct.

I have circled the most recent price I have received and you can see that in the picture or it is written next to it if a new price has been received. They are also here in the case you are having trouble reading – ETC – $93, ETN – $7, PPT – $44, Sushi- $40, and sorry I only got Dent getting to 0.05.  That’s what I got could change if things get really hot. As prices come close to the target I will go in and check again and see what the next price will be.

Updated 9/9/21

Please note I got advised by my guides to buy more Electroneum the last few days. Now, this could be because I did not own enough, remember I sold a heap to buy this apartment. So, Spirit said I needed more. And confirmed the price of $7 more than a few times. Which is so great as it’s only around 0.01 now………… Also, something about it re the woo-woo world loves it, other psychics love it and know it will run big, cannot remember who, but that is what prompted me to ask spirit do I have enough in the first place. The only thing that’s annoying you cannot store it on Trezor or Ledger but you can store it on a Paper wallet which is safe.

See here –

I will aim to store some ETN for a much later date as this one is felt by many to be something special going on with it. It is also not part of the ISO 20022 agenda. So is more sovereign for the people coin to own use freely without tracking or penalty.

Now as I said there is no guarantee these above Box 1- 2021 targets will get hit, however, I actually feel these are quite conservative. And also looking around at my peers’ predictions, their prices are similar if not higher than mine. But of course, many have not placed timing. For example, and I don’t usually do this but want to install confidence that things will go up high. MWD gets Theta between $24 – $40, most likely she says $24 – $30 range.  I confirmed it again yesterday Theta was getting to $36 as my price target for it, so it is a nice confirmation that these Altcoins are going to make us wealthy……….  It will be a matter of seeing what unfolds as the craziness unfolds in the coming weeks………. If we are getting close to an altcoins price target in a shorter timeline, I will just need to recheck it and so within Discord then that can be discussed………………………… It feels quiet at the moment but I feel things will heat up and go crazy very soon, but I also feel it’s part of the planned trap………………Look I could just be being paranoid but I will err on the side of caution in these crazy economic times. As most are getting something to cause havoc… Best we are positioned best we can be and with all plans in place.

I hope you can read this clearly use your last CR 1 to update on that. From my end, it all looks clear.

Well not long to wait now! Throwing in all this extra checking for financial and health safety that when the quiet time eventually rolls around it will be well received by me. Especially if I have managed to pull this off successfully.

Blessings all,


Author: Jule