Spirit press 13th Sept – market look

Hello All, hope you are all well!

Ok, so when checking in this morning around the market. I get that yes we will still go up and they will be running soon. Its all on track for October but may also be running in November as well but then we run the risk of safety issues as a possibility come November re exchanges/internet problems possibly.

I did check to ask again as I know some of you are doubtful and nervous, that some altcoins are not on track. Which is not the case at all. After asking again I get all the Crypto report price targets are on track. And without having to ask every single coin I have just read recently in the last month, they are on track.   The only ones that are harder to read and that sometimes offer conflicting information is the ISO 20022 altcoins because info can be hidden/cloaked to not easily see it. Or can see and get a price but the Globalist ringmasters change their minds to manipulate at will, spur of the moment to suit their agenda.

Ok today will look at a few of your requests – And these are the last random coins for you who have asked for them. As I don’t have a lot of time to do the random altcoins anymore.

With regard to your membership, it is now switched off via the website as far as renewal (I think, it’s all trial and error with the site how it works as far as I’m concerned. I cannot call in Mel, she is so busy like I thought the site had gone down last week and contacted her, she is just so busy. The site wasn’t down it was Google Chrome playing up with my site not allowing me access.) So if it does accidentally renew but I doubt it will I will refund you. So I think you will have access to the back end and new posts for another month. But Discord will continue so don’t worry. 

Altcoin – AIOZ – currently 0.30 and with ATH – $2.65

Does it have Good Energy? = No                      Part of ISO 20022 – No

Is it a Good Investment? = Maybe not really

2021 –  Not back to ATH

 2022 =  Yes ATH again, get it maybe end of 2nd quarter could get to its ATH. This seems to run against the grain and run at times that others are not.

Its longevity – It don’t get it lasting very long at all. 2023 is all I get.

Altcoin – AMP for Rose, currently 0.05 with an ATH – $0.12

Does it have Good Energy? = Yes                             Part of ISO 20022 – No

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes

2021 – back to ATH and gets to around 0.15

 2022 = to around 0.50 and continues strong in 2023.

Its longevity –  getting 2025 for this.

Altcoin – Ecash – XEC old BCHA Bitcoin cash ABC.

Does it have Good Energy? = No                                   Part of ISO 20022 – Yes

Is it a Good Investment? = No

2021 –  Not in 2021 or 2022.

 May be much better 2023 and beyond.  Note this is tracked and monitored and feel it will come into play a bit later.

BCH – Original                      Part of ISO 20022 – No

It is not tracked and monitored somewhat freer and is sovereign. It will not reach 10k until 2023 which I do have already written in CR 2 Box 5 as 2022/2023 for it, last updated one and half months ago at the end of July.  If we were going for timelines in this CR 2 I guess it’s Box 2 that relates to this year still. I get BCH today and last few days getting this 2021 to around $1270 is what I got. I know this is higher than what I said before but that’s because we have just recently already reached my price target of $700 or Box 1 on the 7th Sept. Once targets get hit prices need updating then but there is no way I can keep track of all I have predicted……………………………I am asking because I am invested in this and it is still one of my favorites. As an idea, Personally and this is me, Me personally (not financial advice) am going to trade out 50% of my BCH at around this new price target of $1270, which is the same as I got confirmed last month to trade that much. It will drop by 65% over the downtrend is what I got and to buy back more then.

I still really like BCH original and it is quite hard for me to sell it. Because I know what it is going to be worth in the future it will be the 10k or more.

As for Bitcoin Satoshi vision – BSV and the reason I’m mentioning this as some other psychic really likes it (cannot remember who) says it will be the leader that will overtake BTC but no, I do not get that at all. It is still BCH that will eventually overtake and surprise all. That hasn’t changed and I am still getting that.

I am still working on the post re ISO altcoins and I know I have given some information already on this but I am asking more and more exactly which ones. I am starting to build a list but it is taking time. I think this will be important information for the future not so much now.

If I can get through what I need to sort out for myself and my family and things settle a bit here in Australia I am more than happy to come back online and deliver more content. But at the moment I have lots to sort out and focus on. Including opening a new local bank account, just so can continue livelihood.

Well, hope you all had a great weekend where ever you are in the world!

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule