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Ok would like to thank Serendipity for sharing regarding Pine Needle Tea –

Yes, this is good and works Spirit said. Whilst, not a medicine with the same strength as Ivermectin it is a great preventative and will help stop side effects of Spike proteins. It will help build better immunity and help with inflammation. This I have experienced first hand as of starting to drink it only 2 – 3 days ago. My own inflammation pain has subsided almost gone completely. Note I was taking Turmeric for this but was not working.

My suggestion is you look at all the benefits of anything first before deciding it for you. But I personally asked Spirit and can also feel the benefit even in 2 days.

With regard to Ivermectin as I mentioned before it is not a preventative medicine to take all the time. Should only be used to heal and recover from Covid or Spike protein side effects. I have some on hand for the family for when the time comes and we need it. That’s the way it should be used, just added to the first aid kit.

The Pine needle tea on the other hand is a great preventative and builder, and we do not know yet from drinking it regularly if it will completely prevent getting Covid. But when asking Spirit this I get NO depending on the immunity of the individual person. But yes does prevent the spike protein transmission in the air. I would even go on to say to burn Pine Oil in a burner if someone in your family home gets covid it will stop it from being airborne and others contracting it if they have high immunity. Yes, this is confirmed by Spirit.

So in my opinion I am loving the discovery (thanks Serendipity) of drinking min 2 cups a day of Pine Needle Tea and the Pine needles are free………….. I harvested them myself. They are readily available in most places. But make sure you do your own research to ensure your local pines are non-toxic. No pregnant or wanting to get pregnant women should drink it. I downloaded a Plant identifier Ap on my phone to try to identify the trees in my area. This was very helpful and then I researched the tree even further online. The benefits of these free pine needles are amazing and wild harvesting is healthier than purchased tea. Because it is fresher.


As you may have gathered, the most common way to use these conifer needles medicinally is to make a “pine needle tea” out of them.

Apparently they have been foraging wild tea like this for eons for its medicinal benefits.

The one I found locally was Pinus Canariensis

And Yes my guides said it was safe for me to consume. I really must of asked about 6 times on this at various stages to the preparation phase and before I actually drank my first cup of the tea. Not being used to wild like this.

Spirit did say = Yes, it has Suramin, Shikimic acid that is a beneficial component in it to protect from the viral shedding of the vaccine. You can actually taste the vitamin C…………. Spirit also confirmed for me, It is the light green area that has the most, and that even was fine to leave on the brown like tip bit. I was originally cutting that off but got I didn’t need to.

This is my own photo of harvested Pine needle –

Link to how to make the tea –

Note at the moment I only drink 2 cups a day but will need to increase that as more people get vaccinated. Also you can find many videos on Youtube on how to make your tea.

 So, I get this as a preventative, not really helpful if you have already had the V but will build on immunity and I suggest still using NAC as well. But I got confirmed it is the Ivermectin that you heal from vaccine symptoms or for Covid recovery and using all other recommended supplements as well. As we know it is a minute bit of covid in the vaccine and that’s the part our bodies are meant to naturally build immunity to, but as we know not everyone’s immunity is the same and can do that… I would not take Ivermectin if you have No side effects at all from the jab, as perhaps you got the saline version of Vax.

Another one Sav bought to my attention is Nano Soma –

Yes, Spirit says this is good and it works as a great preventative. The same/similar as the pine needle tea perhaps slightly stronger but this is very expensive. And well if I can just drink pine needle tea and take my supplements. I don’t need it……… It will not cure from Covid or what’s in the Vaccine but it will help prevent getting it in the first place is what I got.

I am feeling so honored and blessed we have all these kinda things to assist us to health. I know already I am feeling healthier. It has certainly made a lot more people health aware and is building so much more of the population’s health. Think about that! For those not vaxed for fake vaxed how healthy are we all going to be in the future. A stronger longer living version of ourselves.

Unfortunately, you still cannot help those who do not know they need to be helped, to take the supplements, understand the importance of why what they are taking to aid their bodies. There is still that gap. But as the ill health penetrates further in the future, then they will reach out and I hope we are all there to support those around us that need it. Without judgment!

Awareness and knowledge is a wonderfully powerful thing.  Today my small Rife machine arrived. I have not used that yet but look forward to using it. As I can feel the negative Electromagnetic fields in my environment as yes I am in a fairly big built-up city environment. I’m on my computer every waking moment the majority of the day. I can feel this energy in my body even as I write this because I unconsciously am and have been grinding putting pressure on my jaw. This is a sure sign of EMF tension and also the planetary and weather tension build up in the environment. This energy has an effect on the human body. Anyway, I have a heap to learn about using this Rife machine and how it can help in many, many ways. I am still waiting on the scalar items to arrive which will assist with unseen EMFs that are more protection devices.

This is what I mean health and wealth will be ours and will be astounding with time.

Ok all hope you have found this helpful.  

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