Spirit Press 10th Sept 2021 – Banks & Requests

Hello All, hope you are all well!

Ok, today will look at a couple of your requests –

Kinesis Money

Good Energy? = Yes

Is it safe? = Yes and No

Sept? = Yes , Oct? =   Yes,  Nov? = Yes  ,  Dec? = No

Becomes safe again in 2022? – Not really.

1st Quarter – No.  2nd Q ? = No, Try’s to work to fix problems but at this stage I am getting No for 2022. That could change if something changes with this company at the end or early next year.


Good Energy? = Yes

Is it safe? = yes and No

Sept? = Yes , Oct? = Yes    Nov? = Yes  ,  Dec? = No

Becomes safe again in 2022? –

1st Quarter – No.  2nd Q ? =Maybe  , 3rd Q ? = Yes,  4th Q ? = Yes

I get it is more technical glitches when you are trying to access move sell funds in the timeline of December through to June just to be safe saying June 2022. Not that the place is unsafe for theft.  I think this will apply to a lot of places. Like it will be fine if you say purchased Gold in Oct, held a certificate of that ownership, and then say after June 2022 wanted to cash it in. As you have your record of ownership. And by then many things would have been sorted out everywhere.

Celsius Network

Good Energy? = Yes

Is it safe

Sept? = Yes , Oct? = Yes    Nov? = Yes ,  Dec? = No

Becomes safe again in 2022? – Not in January. Applies to all related items.

1st Quarter – Part yes.  2nd Q ? =Yes , 3rd Q ? = Yes ,  4th Q ? = Yes

I feel like I am just repeating the same things here! So I am going to summarise for all financial outlets as much as I can…..

 Ok asking Spirit is it Safe? can mean a lot of things in that statement. And I think this applies to a lot of the institutions. They are less safe if it is an only a digital records on a system that is on the internet as that’s where the problems will be. So perhaps if you are going to try weather storm in this timeline by staying on some exchanges and institutions and the like. Take screenshots as proof of holdings as this will help when it comes to discrepancy time………… And what a pain in the bum thing to go through and can you only imagine the slow process as many people do the same thing. Do not forget that in this timeline it will be happening in glitches everywhere. So your institution is having problems because their higher-up feeder institution is having problems. Or payments have been stopped or halted, just problem after problem.

I think a lot of companies will be fine come back and everything will pick up as somewhat normal again afterward but there will be a lot of crazy interruption and hiccups and people wanting service/answers. Whereas most may come good if they only knew to wait and have patience. But it will be nerve-wracking as all currency is unless it is in your hot little hands like precious metal and cash is just numbering on a screen……. The screens will have problems.

Major Banks and any Financial Institutions are not going to be safe for a while. Until things have sorted themselves out. That includes Credit Unions. Now you need to “Do Your Own Research” look into if your bank has a higher-up feeder bank that is part of the big institutional banks. Because if it is – It will not be Safe from most likely I am picking up from sometime in November but especially December onwards through to March 2022.

Now the ONLY banking I get as safe (and not financial advice no guarantees) is Consumer owned Banks and Building Societies. Mutual banks are another name for them. We here in Australia have Bendigo Bank and yes that is safe along with other Consumer Owned Banks. Spirit said these are fine, safe. This could also be partly because they are local and you can go into the branch. But these are safe I get all the way through and into all 2022.

What is also the problem with Banks and banking products like superannuation, bonds, term deposits there is a very real chance it will not be there when you want it. This can happen at any stage! As the government has exercised its right to seize it in the name of saving the country. Some stupid law they have passed in without you even realizing they have done it. They have done that here in Australia………………… As with a lot of hard times, depression and deaths call for unusual measures that the government deems lawful to make law and exercise their rights. Just look at Covid restrictions.

So, I ask you to start doing some of your own research as I do not think I need to look at every single bank in people’s countries or exchanges. From what I have gathered most will have problems in that certain timeline of exchanges it seems to start in November and Banks December going into some sort of turmoil of beginning 2022…………. I am always working and looking at things to help us and assist us, know that. Sometimes it can take days after I have familiarized myself and done my own research myself.

Well, I hope you have found this all helpful, Happy Friday, everyone!

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule