Altcoin Prices rechecked


This is for a recheck of a already done Altcoin reading, you have previously ordered. Rechecking the prices in the latest timeframe going forward for the next few years, to see if they remain same or similar.

Note* Predictions on timelines are never set in stone/halted/ stopped/frozen in time, as they are always moving and changing. Therefore updates will be required at times through purchase.

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*Please put the name of your Altcoin in the COMMENTS BOX on the checkout page.

**Please send/order with your same name and email. So I can find your previous Altcoin request, when I completed for you. To get the new information sent to you.

You must understand changing moving market is also the Energy of life as freewill intent plays out with time, it is always changing moving. It nevers stops and stands still for anyone.

In general unless something very much changes with a projects Energy, the prices stay similar. I consider when I check prices time and time again over a period of time, the probability to be higher for accuracy if I keep getting the same prices for a project. I generally keep the old price and add a variant with the new price as well.

Understand – This is not an exact science and Im just doing my best to get as close to probability as possible.