Market Cycle & Sentiment

Ok, I have realized it is naive of me not to take into account the Market Cycle, in which I hadn’t really in my latest report as it does go for a whole year………….. It does not at all when you read the prices take into account market cycle goes up and down.

I was just giving what I get from spirit, as spirit gives the rise in the price of a certain altcoin mostly ascending up and up, but there is so many different variables as well. Something I have been trying to remind you all of for a while. Newbies to the market will not understand this but you others older in the market will. All markets in a long term run in a major cycle.

It’s been also said that trying to tie timeline to a price is a fools game!

And maybe so! I am such fool for doing so!

But! That is how I work psychically, whether correct or not, that is how my guides work and we understand each other to a certain extent. They will never quite understand the timelines of this dimension because they are not in body here………

And GAME, no this is not a game to me at all! This is me assisting those that I can and the shift in wealth we have been waiting for. Certainly no fools game in that!

Below is the whole video on Market Cycle from Spirit perspective. Worth the watch!

Author: Jule