Accountibility GOAL Achievement – Private group

A place to get support, accountability coaching, connection

with like-minded and achieve your goals.

Join us and get accountability coaching for ONLY $5.00 a week. Think about this – It takes 30 days to create a new habit so that’s amazing value for fulfilling a goal you have always wanted to be achieved.

Accountable GOAL Achievement group of like-minded souls for support, encouragement ideas, mentoring tips and connection.

So you can achieve your goals and build your life the way you want!

 Check in for daily upliftment and check-in accountability coaching. Your goals can be for anything, from exercise fitness, diet goals, get in the habit of regular meditation for de-stressing or self-development, or career & business development goals. You may like support from refraining from something like giving up smokingt…… It doesn’t matter any goal pertaining to you that will help you advance is what we want to help you with.

You can have as many goals on the go at the same time as you like…………..We believe all these goals if supported by us/and the group, attained are a step forward in the development of self…. Making you the better, stronger more empowered woman you are meant to be. Through connection and community, you find strength and support.

Fulfilling these goals will not only empower and bring you happiness, wealth and gain but will also trickle down and affect those around you.

Receive shout outs on group page of encouragement, reminders and support. Also recommendations from experts that can help with your particular goal development. Learn to manifest your goals with alchemy secrets to keep you progressing and achieving.


Once you have joined you can Check out the Manifesting Goal Commitment – 4 weeks plan to fill in to get started.

Then go to the Facebook Goddess Self-Love GOAL Achievement Private Group page and request to join or you will be automatically added.