Business Empowerment Exchange Group

Hello & Welcome to our amazing Group of like-minded conscious business people!

  1. By joining this group you are happy to connect and share with at least one other business to network market and promote your businesses. Think of the marketplace you will be opening up for your business and how you will be also helping someone else grow their business too towards success. This is a helping hand co-operative towards the growth of business together.
  2. Currently, business connections swap every two months but that may change in the future to monthly as we grow. So after 2 months, you will get a new business partner to recommend, market and grow with together. This also gives you time to connect with your business co-op partnership* and exchange or try their product and services. Highly recommended to endorse a business that you have genuinely experienced their product or service. Or met the owner personally, makes it so much easier to genuinely share about that persons vision for their business.
  3. You agree to social-share to your personal, group and your business social media pages. Minimum of 3 zones*.
  4. You agree to do a minimum of 6 posts or more over an 8 week period. You are welcome to do more and that would be agreed apon mutually between you and your Biz co-op partner*.
  5. If at any stage you are not having a matching Biz co-op partner* to work with you will be marketing with me. My following and groups span all social media platforms and following is 5000.

We try to connect businesses without any conflict to service/product style and with a similar following of growth spread market. However, there is no guarantee to the amount of new business or sales you will derive. But I do know for sure a recommendation is far better than any paid advertising you can do. So you must be willing to social share to your personal and your business pages on Facebook and any other platforms or groups you are in.

You will be given a social media ranking* once you have filled in the questionnaire below and registered your business. We can then help you match you, help market you and also help you grow. This ranking* not only matches you with other businesses of similar ranking but also shows you what platforms areas you need to grow your business.

Workshops through Goddess Life Business Empowerment Exchange Group are in two types paid and free.

  1. The free workshops are from our professionals that would like to market their own products and do so by connecting with you and giving you insightful free information for your own business.
  2. Paid are usually not expensive but are workshops that someone really dedicates their time to take you through a process to develop and grow your business step by step. So to do these workshops if you paid a professional you would be looking at a much higher amount if you were to outlay alone.

Our business is currently Australia wide and also open to the USA as we know many of you have products and services you sell online worldwide.

Next step to Amazing Business Marketing progress

  1. Once we have received your business enrolment please allow up to 48 hrs for a return match to come through with their details for contact.
  2. You agree to reach out and connect with your Biz co-op partner within 3 days of receiving your match.
  3. You agree to attend either in person or via online platform when you can.

****Explanation of terms.

Biz co-op partner = The business partnership you have been asigned and are working with for a time period.

Zones = Are the social media areas you are working on. For example you could have a Facebook persoanl page, Business page and also be a member of a few groups, a twitter profile or Instagram etc.

Ranking = Your business and you combined ranking of social media exposure.

Read our Terms of Service here