Empowered Meditation Audio

With love I present this Empowered Meditation audio.

This guided meditation teaches you how to connect with your higher-self. It is a free accompaniment with some of my books on Amazon. Full instruction on how to use this meditation to Evolve the soul further on your spiritual path, come into your true alignment and manifest like the Conscious Creator you truly are!

Please find the links here to Amazon for all my books available – links coming soon.

Empowered Meditation – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fsnCjaBV1ScD1aA2TWn6dRwJio3JuEDn/view?usp=sharing

Please note this meditation should not be used whilst driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Once you know how to connect strongly with your higher-self after doing this meditation regularly you can do it fast to create the connection you need or allow your mind to wonder and do a nice leisurely meditation.

Blessed be always, JD