Do you know you are amazing, empowered being that can have or do anything, an aspect of eternal abundant light?
Do you feel it deep within your soul, your heart? Have you got that knowing feeling that that is a true statement?

Or at this stage where you are right now, does it feel like a lie?

My desire for you is to help you move from a single body dimensional being to a multidimensional empowered being. Meaning a person that feels stuck and limited to a person that feels free, empowered and unlimited!

You are guided to do this by –
1. Guided meditations, alchemy activities, and tools
2. You are supported along the way with the latest information, communication, and understanding of alternative health techniques that are powerful.
3. Helping you to re-train your mind into a masterful powerful state.
4. Adjusting and clearing your aura to work with the ethereal level.

*Note some of the techniques used in this session are – energy healing, hypnosis techniques, regression therapy, and binaural audio.
*Some light exercise movement and deep breathing techniques.

As this all unfolds you with your new learnings, you become powerful in all dimensional fields. You have a much better understanding of self, spirituality and your own empowerment, you cut out sabotaging behaviors, you are calmer, as you raise your whole bodies vibration this attracts abundance to you, this heals, this renews and this empowers. This is success YOU!

What’s needed from you for your success –
1. To be open on all levels.
2. To leave negativities at the door
3. To leave your story at the door.
4. To leave judgment about yourself and others at the door.
5. To push through your fears, doubts and ego thinking.
6. To be accountable & committed to the process.
7. To want to be empowered & masterful.

Meditation/Workshops are held Saturday for the next 4 weeks as follows –

Week 19/1 – Heal old deep emotional programming. This is vitally important meditation workshop program because it is the foundation for all the rest. We all have some sort of emotional scarring from the past. It’s this scaring that stops us from being truly successful in any or all areas of life…….
Week 26/9 – Abundance – Financial flow and abundance
Week 2/2 – Health – Physical problems and age renewal
week 9/2 – Love – Self-love and Relationships

All the above workshop meditations will heal certain aspects that resonate within us, but it requires repeated attention to break long ingrained patterning and these meditations are a great first step. All of them are required/needed to make changes and each meditation will build on each other to strengthen the work.

Please bring a yoga mat and/or towel with a pillow to lie on the floor on for the meditation. You are welcome to bring a note pad and pen to make the most of the workshop part.

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