This is where I am going to start recording some of my hits……….Thought this could be a good idea! I really hope that I will be adding more soon. Hits are also so fleeting because the crypto market is just constantly moving. I have not kept track of any but will start to with your help. Let’s hope there will be many!

The THETA one was recorded on this reading photo in which I will add here (Done 26th July) in which today’s date 26th Sept 2020 Theta was 0.65 on CoinGeko and for my supporters note if you want to buy more. I got it will have a bit of a pullback but not much to about 0.52 most likely in the coming week.

A very old XRP prediction was I didn’t see it getting much under 0.15 this is when we were in the deep down of March 2020. It did briefly spike under 0.15 but did not stay there. Some others at the time seeing it at 0.07 but I was not.

From Walter Luis – Another hit: 6 cent stellar in the dip (Note this would have been a coin request with private pricepoints provided.)