Hot off spirits press

24th April 2021

Latest hot off Spirits press!

We are down, don’t worry you should be filling your bags.

I got to top up on Theta today, which I did

XRP probably lowest it will go and also my hot hot quick becoming favorite Utrust – UTK

Confirmed again today that Utrust is about to run into $ soon . Just checked this again 27th. Please watch my latest video 27th to understand what I mean about good Alts and market movement coming up 4th Q. Utrust UTK – 3rd Q – today got around $80 its going to be strong and solid project. Then 4th Q will be still get to around $95 is what I got today. This confirms its strength for me, but as usual will need to check as we go along in the time for continued confirmations.

27th April 2021

Mina Protocol – when read around $45 – Not great energy for this one so I could not get prices for it. Slow progress will be around for a while. Drops in 4th quarter, will be here next year. Maybe I need to look it again closer then.

Safemoon – Spirit really likes this one. The energy was great. It’s a good investment especially if you buy it now. NOW around 0.00000577 Huge investment return!. So in 3rd Q – 0.12, 4th Q – 0.25 and It will continue in strength 2022 around $5. Again, this is a first look ever at this one so I would need to check energy as we go along again. But for the small investment in worth a little punt. Buy it on I checked this exchange is good right now we will always need to check as we go along for energy changes.

Pundix – New PUNDIX token, this has been checked about 3 – 4 times now the energy of this one. Energy is the same, spirit likes it, it will continue strong. 2nd Q June $7, 3rd Q – $18 and in 4th Q I get it going sideways, may losing around $2 but back up and down sideways in 4th Q.

DOS Network – its in CR 2 2021/2022 so prices are pretty much the same as spirit likes this one. So is been checked a few times and same good energy. Only change is in 4th Q it does not go up much because of what I feel will be happening in the market then………… 2nd Q – $2 June, 3rd Q – $20 and so in 4th Q it will resonate around $17.50 – $23 mark and go sideways in this area.

Luna – Spirit likes this one good strength here. Now at time of check $17.68. 2nd Q – June $25 and in 3rd Q I got it around $70. This one does continue strong in 4th Q even though the rest of the market will be taking a down turn. This one 4th Q – $90. Again this is a first look ever for me for this one and I will need to check it again as we progress.

That’s all for I have for you for a few days now.