Pay-it-forward Crypto Fund

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Because of your generosity and we are all doing so well in Crypto this year, I am have started this Crypto Fund to Pay it Forward.

This fund is for low cap coins that will grow big in the coming months. My plan is to trade a little out into $$ and send monthly to the charity. The charity I have chosen is called Harapan please check them out. I have chosen them because Bali main island already gets support from a lot of Aussies there but the remote islands miss out on help. Carlos Ferrandiz is the founder and has dedicated his life to helping the villages and communities of the Sambawa Indonesia. See about Carlos here –

Pay-It-Forward Crypto Charity Fund

So many of you are so kind and generous, donated to me already so it is these donations I will be sending part Donation from now on will all go into this fund. I will be exchanging to $ monthly as the price of Alts increase and send dollars to Harapan Project Fund………… This is my way of paying it forward. Because I am so blessed! I want to share the wealth of this bull-market and particularly also so many of you have shared with me.

If you feel inclined to pay it forward a little please find the the Altcoin address you can donate to here –

Digibyte – DGB – DTM6SQtU5UriWNbEimosX6HEBAP3nFEo9Q

Zilliqa – ZIL – zil1fazwknqf4ynhl0rk9098fdtjzaanjnudl2xvsm

Vechain – VET – 0xB9e5b73F454d9610F5D2770a74392788d9418Cd4

DENT – 0xDF08fa16E2C95cE7A600A6d9e62084dBBDeA7aC6


Tron –  TX6YiGrLoPfT9zA4pnF9QysMcH4pXf44Jd

ADA – addr1qxhrgrc42qhvzqeau9jj26fvkvypqu4g0vlztsctlrjw6l9wxs8325pwcypnmct9y45jevcgzpe2s7e7yhpsh78ya47quph0hx

Limited time 2021

Send any of the above altcoins then email me at the exact amount of what sent, Tx id and your requested Altcoin you want me to look at the energy. Or alternatively, I will ask spirit about you briefly. I will do a video upload with a thank you to you for your donation and the info on the Altcoin you requested. The video will come when my time allows. Note***** Ultimately this is a donation and not a service/product I am providing. This is just my way to show appreciation for your generosity. Blessings🙏

Feel free to donate directly here to this so worthy cause – Note* If donating directly understand its a donation without expectation of request from me.