Quantum Energy Meta-Therapy session


Conducted via Zoom. Confirmation with email suitable time slots that will work for both of us. You will be needed on the Zoom session for 40 min and then I will continue the work after our session finishes, I will continue to work on you over 2 – 3 hrs. Each Meta-therapy session has a linked time frame to work within of 3 – 4 hrs. After that the energy fades and connection is not strong.

I need a recent photograph of you with your eyes open looking at camera. Once your booking is confirmed I will ask you to email this photo so I may print it out and place it inside the black quantum Energy box to receive your energy to work on you. I will show you in the zoom session.

Please note sessions take me up to 3 hrs working. During the session some sensitive people can feel the energy as they are being worked on.

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Please see full information about this booking session here

To compliment this session a Spooky2 RIFE session can also be conducted and ran after your session. This anchors the Energy even further, can be done remotely (with DNA fingernail or photo) this takes longer for results but works well or in person via Tens pads machine. Usually notice a difference whilst having session within 30 minutes. Depending on person and situation.

Remote Rife is run for 24 hrs 5 day week over 1 month. Cost is $85

Or in person in Bali using my Rife GenX of Biofeedback for your own individual scan and then running contact mode with tens pads. Cost $85


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