Quantum Energy Meta-therapy

Meta-Therapy is quantum Energy used at the cellular level. Using NSL Bio-reasonance scan is an amazing diagnostic tool to see inside the body and get to the core of the issue. Many times its n ot just one issue thats happening with an ailment but also caused by other depleted energy centres which are slowly degrading gradually over time. You are never to know exactly what could be wrong or what could be an underlying issue which has manifested itself as something else. Like gut issues could be the symptom but there will also be a breakdown happening somewhere else most likely in the nucleus or the cells needing renewed. Thats where after discovering the problem and being able to see it with your eyes, you can then go in and send Energy (Meta-therapy quantum Energy) to that area which will improve the structure as you watch it improve.

It really is amazing technology combined with Source Quantum Energy which is directed exactly where needed.

This is the nerves of the Back area showing Yellow hexagon markers are good. Orange triangle is ok but is not as strong as could be, indicating there is an overall weakening. Pink upside down triangle shows more depletion and most likely some pain in the area. Brown diamond and black square indicates need more investigation down levels into organ or cells and do work to send some positive Meta-therapy to these areas to improve.
This shows the device scanning the body trying to improve.
This shows the problem in the above back lays with the nerves and so we can go down even further down into the cells of the nerves to improve them as well. Here above we can use Met-therapy alone or we can also utilise Lithotherapy with crystal therapy characteristics of mineral to aid health. Or Phytotherapy is plants as medicine, here we can see what compliments a persons system and what will work for them. So we can use the therapy in the scan but also for the person to adopt that herb or mineral crystal in everyday life may be strengthening assistance for them.
This shows the before and after improvement after the meta-therapy improving by 84%. To get it to hold I would do the same treatment on this particular nerve 3 – 5 times within the treatment. So one Meta-therapy session can take me sometimes 3 hours working on someone deep down on cells on all levels. This is the way real in physical life improvement is made and felt.
This shows even further down the nerve with the fascicle of the nerve which in this case looks pretty healthy.
This is showing problems with alignment with the spine
Showing deep inside the bone vertebrae indicating where there is some problems may be starting.
Showing organs and more areas we can investigate.
This shows a virus bacteria

Please note I am not a Doctor and I am not diagnosing anything. I am just with this amazing quantum technology seeing where Energy has degraded a part of the body thats needs improvement by sending quantum Energy.

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