Goddess Alchemy Pendants

The power of words is a definite but also the energy intent behind the word can make that words energy travel further. See more on the amazing power of words on the blog post or Youtube.

Using Goddess Alchemy Pendants that are imbued not only with a power word but also have been intention energised into the silver talisman that word intention. These Goddess pendants also come with both an enchantment affirmation and an NLP instruction on how to make this talisman your anchor for upliftment when you need it. See blog post on Enchantment affirmation and NLP anchor.

Why silver?  Not only the beauty of silver, but it is affordable for everyone and silver carry special spiritual meaning. Not only is silvers energy effect on us calming and soothing, it reflects negative energies, but it also opens up our intuition, strengthens it and our psychic abilities. It also aids in bringing wealth and abundance if one understands how to work and bend energy for creating. So the energy of silver and pure 925 silver is powerful if you allow it to be. Again, it is your belief and energy intent behind anything that makes it hold power and work……Just like the law of attraction states, if you are a sceptic and don’t believe it to be true, you are absolutely right in your own reality it won’t be true…….Also just like the placebo pill if believe it will work it will. Throughout history we have given power to many objects and while all fibres hold energy natural objects hold it stronger, purer and cleanly.

Not only is it beautiful but it is also a statement to the world of your understanding, awareness, belief and consciousness. You could say, an almost a, hear me roar! I am not to be denied anymore…. I am putting this statement out to the universe telling everyone and continually reminding myself of the real me. So if you do end up investing in one of these Alchemy pendants, wear it with heart conviction and strength. Then it will serve you well!

One of the tools I use and wear every day is my pendant that has the word LOVE on it…….. It is most certainly imbued with love energy, universal love-light energy. I meditated that intent into this personal piece I wear each day.  I touch it throughout my day, ponder and have a play with it, it is a reminder of love, that I am loved, to give out love to the world and love makes the world go around. Also, when I look in the mirror I see my pendant and get the same love reminder……..This is an incredibly powerful NLP anchor for me as it is reassuring, comforting and a reminder of my connection.

So how to choose your word on your Goddess Alchemy pendant? This decision really has to come from the heart and be in alignment with where you are right now in your life…The word has to resonate with you! As you know we are always changing, growing and evolving, so one pendants word now may be perfect for you now but differ in 6 months or a year when you evolve. I find I have added to my collection and now wear a few of the words at the same time. Exactly the reason why we sell them separately so you only need to add additional pendants to your original chain.

Back to about selecting a word. Should be done with care unless one particular word is blindingly obvious. If it is then that’s the word for you! If not and there are a couple of words you like. Think about each word for a while. Let them sit with you and how do you feel about that word? Are you that word?  For example, BLESSED don’t wear that word if you are not feeling it yet nurse another word like LOVE instead, until your feeling of forgiveness and appreciation is closer in you. if you like the word EMPOWERED and are not quite sure that you are, sometimes you feel you are and then occasionally not. This is the perfect word for you. Because these words help you grow into what you want if you are close to that vibration in your own energy. If you are not feeling that at all and the word seems far away from your own energy, doesn’t quite resonate yet. Then I would say no to EMPOWERED or GODDESS for you at the moment and yes to ENLIGHTENED, LOVE or Conscious one. Because you are wise and you understand about life universe consciousness but on your journey in this current time-space those words wouldn’t work well for you just yet. We are all evolving so rapidly and if we are aware of our own energy that growth will be even greater.

When picking your first word I would go with the very first one that appealed to you because that is your intuition without your mind processing coming in.

These Goddess Alchemy Pendants are amazing little energy transmitters and enlightenment tools for ourselves and others.

To protect what has been blessed into the pendant. Your order comes in black tissue wrap to deflect any others energy in the shipping and handling process.

Goddess Alchemy Pendants certainly are divining tools!

Goddess Alchemy Pendants –

LOVE –  universal love-light energy, a reminder of love, that you are loved, to give out love to the world and love makes the world go around.

BLESSED –  appreciative, a reminder of gratitude, that I am so blessed, of forgiveness and bless beyond measure. You would look at everything in the world and our earth as a blessing.

UNLIMITED –   understanding of universal energy and how powerful you are, a reminder of your connection to source, that you can do anything, to remind others they too are unlimited they have just forgotten they are.

EMPOWERED –  same as unlimited except you on ethereal level direct energy, a reminder of how powerful and conscious you are, able to empower others and send energy out to the world.

GODDESS – similar and with all aspects of empowered but directed with the Goddess divine feminine energy, Embracing divine feminine on all planes and energy levels, a reminder of how female and powerfully conscious you are, able to empower others and send Goddess love nurturing energy out to the world.

INDIGO – awake, aware and very conscious, reminder of your agreement coming in, your path and what you came to impart on the world, that you are loved and connect to a higher power and that love makes the world go around.

CONSCIOUS ONE – awake, aware, finetuned and connected to everything, you walk on the earth with trust and eyes open, clear and with light foot-print, a statement to the world of your awareness.

ENLIGHTENED – similar as Conscious one, awake and connected to everything, your wisdom is vast and varied, walk on the earth with great knowledge to share, You help people wake up and evolve.

Namaste –  the spirit in me acknowledges/sees the spirit in you, to respect, is to honour the universal light force in others, meaning we are all one, we are all connected.

If you would like to suggest a word, lets us know by contacting us.

Goddess Alchemy Pendants and their meanings are copyright to Jule Diamond – Goddess Life