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As human beings, we have many dimensional levels but most of the time we are only focusing on one of them. Our body’s! We tend to think that’s all we are and we are so much more than just our body. We, of course, know we are body, mind, and spirit but it really is these other dimensional levels that make our lives complete. We are beings residing on all planes physical, mental, emotional and ethereal. Unfortunately, we do not give enough attention to the unseen planes but they affect our being just as much as the physical.
You are a multi-dimensional being and with that comes the effect of being affected by everything, everyone that crosses our timeline. You cannot, not be affected by your environment, your thoughts, and energy. But you can control the process. We do have within us choice and the ability to empower ourselves. People think why do I need to empower myself, I’m OK just the way I am, flaws and all, that’s just me, just the way I am, can’t be changed, I’m too old for change. Your ego will tell you “you’re ok!” where you are, don’t need growth or change because it likes same and it also has no care if you are suffering…. No one is too old to be unlimited and empowered. So why do you want to be masterful and empowered in your life? So, you have more control, are happier and healthier, so you renew, recharge and become a better version of yourself. If you don’t and you just settle, you resign yourself to your lot, there is no growth, no empowerment. Thinking that’s only for a select few, business people, or others, not me, or I don’t have time. With this type of thinking comes limitation, stagnation, therefore no change, slowly over time closing yourself and with what your energy is in its defunct vibration gives you….. Yes, exercise and eating well is one aspect of positive growth but you’re only working on one level, the physical level and not giving credit to the power of your mind and your spirit on an ethereal level. Did you know disease can be seen in your ethereal aura before it can be seen in your physical body!

It is inevitable this life process, no matter the “limited path” (we are all on a path, ask yourself which is yours?) or the “Unlimited path”, it’s slow but sure and will eventually manifest itself in the body and your environment. If you are limited it will manifest as illness and dis-ease for sure eventually over time, also lack in different areas of your life. If you are on your path of being unlimited it will manifest as good health, well-being, happiness, abundance, love, and empowered spiritual being.
2019 has never seen a time when people are becoming more open and thirst for knowledge in their desire for growth. Ten years ago I could not have talked to you about this or discussed the concept of energy without being deemed a nutter……. So I’m thrilled things are finally changing, society is opening up and people are becoming aware of the amazing potential of our minds and our spirits. I have got to a stage now in my life I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a nutter, I am! I’m empowered, fulfilled conscious being of light. This has been my life’s work, I’m passionate about it and have been for over 20 yrs. I broke the extreme negative conditioning I had been programmed with, took myself from self-loathe to self-love, poverty to riches, and produced mature stable well-adjusted adults. I am always growing and learning because I will never be completely done. Things will always cross my path and I don’t need to always be positive but I do know me like no other and I am amazing, empowered conscious being. I am unlimited.
My passion is to help others in this area, I have always wanted to share my knowledge and guide. Let me help you and guide your journey to a more positive version of yourself. I’m holding empowered meditation classes at the Mermaid beach community centre on Saturday afternoons. For more HERE


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2019 = HEALTH, LOVE, ABUNDANCE & SUCCESS Do you know you are amazing, empowered being that can have or do anything, an aspect of eternal abundant light? Do you feel it deep within your soul, your heart? Have you got that knowing feeling that that is a true statement? Or at this stage where you are right now, does it feel like a lie? My desire for y…

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