True healing happens on all levels

As an enlightened soul, and I can say that because I have been on my awakened path most of my life. Have fallen asleep from time to time when life got in the way raising my own children etc. But predominately I always felt the calling to be awake and do the work. Done the shadow work to forgive and release pain but as known it’s held on all multi-dimensional levels of the human being and so we are always a work in progress……….. So, what saddens me and which is my frustration but I am understanding and letting go of it as Not my place to interfere on someone else’s path. However, as a lightworker healer practitioner is some of the people around me and the pain, confusion, closed-minded experience they are experiencing. Not all but some, some I have released out of my life and they do not understand that but that is their process and why we don’t have to be friends with everyone we meet. If their energy drains you, even if they are not aware of it, you can let them go with love………. Anyway, other friends that are going through trying times right now and let me tell you we are going through an amazing growth time right now, have been and will continue to do so………. A time of shake-ups, time speeding up, all everyone is going through it whether they like it or not, your shadow self is being shaken by the planetary alignments and shifts. It affects us on different levels bringing up stuff that has been squashed deep within us, that we haven’t dealt with for a long time is being bought to the surface for healing……. That’s what this shift ascension time is all about, its what many people don’t realize they came here to do is to shift and clear stuff so they can come out the other side, a soul that vibrates higher. It was an agreement coming in to do so, that’s why the shit keeps coming up to be cleared for whole soul growth…. Not to raise your vibration so you can manifest stuff. Although that becomes easier too.

Anyway, what saddens me is my ability to help people that are close to me that don’t seek my help. Again, not my place to interfere but I healed my own depression and childhood traumas long ago, so have first-hand experience, knowledge and support in this area……….. So that is my rant and my wisdom for today! If you ask me, I will help you! We are not an island and being open to support and growth along with conventional methods can take us a long way on our path to true happiness.

I’m in the process of my book and the amazing life path I have had. Not always proud of it but it is a journey. A process of empowering self and coming into your own. And when I say empowering the self I don’t mean in an ego kind of way. Which maybe it would seem that way by some of my social pics seem superficial but is really me loving life, loving being female and the skin I’m in.

The spiritual learnings and understanding I have experienced from facilitating BQH Soul Regression therapy have been eye-opening and amazing! Nothing confirms faster or clearer than your own direct connection with your Higher-self, guides or light counsel. That’s why I love this modality so much, it is YOU, your Higher-Self directed through your own experience. Nothing beats that! No other modalities, in my opinion, do you get the same direct first-hand knowledge and experience with your own higher-self. This is true empowerment that is experienced by everyone that has a session. It’s so cool!

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Author: Jule