Latest update March 2019

I just wanted to put my update out there as we have had so much amazing energy movements as of late, yes and it does all depend on the way you look at things, whether you think it’s amazing or not. On a spiritual perspective, we see the darkness come into light with all sorts of nasties turned upside down and the truth brought out finally. Shedding light on church, politics, and the government is refreshing to finally see the truth come out even though many would prefer the matrix lie and to bury heads in sand wishing for sunshine and roses. This really is progression people and the ascension process now! The latest tragedies are definitely terrible all around the world they are happening now faster and faster as it seems a world gone mad, and time speeds up. But these tragedies shed light and unity all around the world. As you stop your daily grind for just a moment to reflect, send loving thoughts, pray and just feel for those that have lost loved ones. This is love and unity unfolding and uniting us as one spirit. Of, course as long as we stay out of fear.

So, on speaking my truth (and the judgement still echoes through me but It’s a personal work in progress lol 😊) I’m still shining my personal light to help humanity progress for all those who are open.

By addressing 5G which will even more attack our energy systems depleting our ethereal energy bodies into illness. (that was the plan of course, not to give us stronger internet but to weaken us and control the masses.) Anyway, my passion for creativity and crafting is back as I design protective EMF jewellery as a cathartic hobby and now sell on Ebay, Etsy and Facebook. This is not a plug for my jewellery even though it sounds that way but it is to educate on the importance of protecting your energy cell. Hard to get your health back when it is so weakened by this constant bombardment of unseen EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Energy) damage. Don’t believe me, research it and we wonder why there is so much cancer and other illness in the world now!

My Shungite stone is all imported from Russia and you can get yours there too to protect yourself or get it from me faster. PM if further interested.

My other exciting NEWS is I will be studying next week past life regression doing soon Soul Regression Therapy, this is a progression on from my life passion and study of both human nature and the souls progression in life.

I am super excited about this because after studying the work of Alba Weinman ( and QHHT this is the work I aspire to do. More Alba’s and Antonio Sangio’s work on Introspective Hypnosis, which focus is working with the higher self and forgiveness.

To really help people understand their life journey, really release blockages that may or may not have even been their own karmic stuff in this life or not. So, through studying this I will be helping people live a more awake, happier this reality life and to also help their soul progress further in the ethereal and not be trapped. Basically, helping with the ascension process.

This is so, so exciting for me! So, I will be putting the call out for those who are keenly interested to part-take in this. I must present case studies in the next few months, after I have completed my full-time practical in a few weeks. PM me if interested to have a session. Sessions take 3 – 4 hours and they will be free to heavily discounted as they take so much time and energy.

Past Life regression and Soul Regression is a hypnotherapy but predominately deals with past or in between life’s your eternal soul has travelled through. Ever wondered why you are the way you are? It’s far more than just the parents you chose and your upbringing. Or why some people (souls)are in your life. Soul regression gives the answers.

In my opinion it is the fastest way forward to help people progress spiritually and that’s, So exciting!

So, That’s me in a nutshell at the moment, always a work in progress, my never-ending pursuit for personal, spiritual development and understanding beings on all multi-dimensional levels.

Supreme loving light to You always, Jule

Author: Jule