Reflection time

This past week’s full moon had me reflecting on the incidences of the last few days. A negative interaction that I allowed myself to be thrown off balance………. In fact, a loud shouting match where I felt my rights being taken away and my voice not being heard. My throat chakra closed down instantly as I was no match for a very loud person. I certainly could have approached and voiced my opinion in a gentler way. But done it is now and has been a learning process!

I tried to fix the situation by sending an apology letter for my part in the interaction. Apology did not seem accepted. Nasty defensive letter came back to me instead.

So, as I walked the beach this morning with the reflection that came to me –

On judgement – I don’t like being judged but, I had judged this person.

I didn’t like being disliked, But I disliked this person for their behaviour.

Then later I didn’t like not being able to fix things with my apology letter, by saying sorry and making it better………. I was trying to be saviour and its not my job to fix things, change people to my way of thinking. I just needed to accept people are where they are and that’s ok!

So, as I manage my own energy on this May full moon past and learn from my experiences I realize how much things are reflected back to me super fast now. I absolutely need to manage my own energy so much more……….  I also feel the gap widening as the distance between conscious and unconscious is a thick vail of closed mindedness. That is not my place to aid in anyway……….The need to get out of the savior mode which is very 4D and move the 5D or even higher, where being in allowing of my own and other peoples consciousness needs to just be accepted.

And a strong believer of LOA and that I will attract the right vibrating people to me doesn’t always necessarily work when you living in a duality timeline matrix and so if you allow your energy to sink to a lower level you certainly no bones about it get negative energy thrown at you. Also thinking like a test if you are true to the new you and your vibration. Knocked me though, took me a few days to get my energy back, walking the beach and meditations. Trying not to feel closed down because of the interaction.

Part of it is because I have been vibrating very high, putting myself out there on social platforms, seeking like-minded tribe. But the energy I have had reflected back has been very dense, ridiculing and quite frankly not at all the heart space intention I put out there.

Matrix dishing me out some tests perhaps!

A friend today said to me God does not test us and no I don’t think so either. However, with manifesting, the universe reflects to us a vibration to see if our vibration is where we state it is, seems like a test maybe, just to be sure we want what we want and can continue to resonate there.

Author: Jule