Prophetic Dream, Crypto & the Matrix.

Hi all, I haven’t posted in a very long time as so much has been going on and I wasn’t clear of my energy and the value it could bring. Also, my need to withdraw and conserve my own energy was paramount in the last few months. I had not been channeling information to put out publicly, only for my own use. But boy has the energies been intense and if you are not aware how fast we are evolving now and becoming more intuitive then you are living under a rock.

My focus, however, has been on world economics and this major shift we are currently going through both in this physical reality we can see and also in the non-physical.  As you may already know, this is a huge play at the moment of both the dark and the light. We are in a war at the moment but this war is different because it is played out in pockets in countries all around the world along with the subtle manipulations which are affecting all arena’s of the globe. In all areas including the financial area, the political area, freedom and rights of people and it goes even further than that. It’s your energy that is also manipulated and your own sovereignty that is at stake here………….The reminder again to empower-self, do the work, ground and centre self.

So personally, my focus has been the need to build wealth through digital currency and precious metals. As this is the shift of wealth we have been waiting for as spoken about in since the year 2000 by the spiritual realms……..Along with the economic turmoil that is happening here in Australia but not just here. Unfortunately, most cannot see what is coming. Will have to write another blog about this……. So hence the reason it is time to relocate and travel. So that’s the plan!

I had a prophetic dream last night about unity. It started in a large empty lounge room in my home, the room was high up and had a lovely water view……… A large group of religious people had gathered to have a church service in my home, was weird because they were coming to hear me speak and I am all about empowered source consciousness and in no way religious……… So maybe my talk I was to open their eyes to the unified field source consciousness………..At one stage in the dream, all the people had turned their chairs with backs to me to face the water view. I understood and went with the flow. In my dream, I did feel judgment but that only came from me and my own inadequacies of 3D thinking…………… As I walked up to the top of the room to do the speech, people had dwindled and there was hardly anyone left in the room……… Almost all but a few stranglers had disappeared.

I divined for clarity on my dream. Divining as follows – Is this dream was about unity? Yes, and it is about moving from the 3D reality we have now. The message was to help open minds. Yes….. Every question I divined for personally was a No.  That we are moving souls higher. Yes. Wealth unfolds for us in unity consciousness? Yes, Unity is unfolding and we are as humanity evolving higher. Yes

So this dream I had means humanity as a whole are becoming united, we are ascending our vibrations higher. Even the most dogmatic are starting or will definitely with what’s unfolding in our reality shake and wake up, evolve us energetically even higher.. Even the earths natural disasters are moving us higher………Your ability to send love wellness intention to others or people all around the planet evolves us as souls higher.

More divining – I didn’t feel ready or prepared in the dream for the speech, am I prepared? Yes. Am I focusing to much on the small stuff? Yes. Am I able to make a difference sending heart intention across the globe to different areas? Yes

We will be financially supported by cryptocurrency. Yes.  I am financially supported with my move so I can call in help to help me with it? Yes. Would Cryptocurrency have come in to aid me with this move? Yes.

Is a quick sharp dip still coming in crypto? Yes. BTC to mid 3k range? Yes.  Will the dip have completed by the end of the week? Yes

Will the stock market crash this year? No

Manipulation in cryptocurrency? Yes

Have I released Matrix manipulation? Yes Is the manipulation strong at the moment? Yes

So, I would say that matrix manipulation is very strong at the moment………. And so we have all heard of the matrix, not the movie, but the net webbing that still covers the 3D earth……….. So with connection with my guide today. I got so many more still need to disconnect themselves from this matrix manipulation net. Once you do, you become sovereign being owning your own energetic power……….. I have the understanding it’s a constant battle at the moment. Even I am not free from matrix manipulation all the time. I need to constantly work at it. I do that is my meditations, I actually go in there and free myself but cutting away the attachments. I can see them hooked into my energy. I cut them away with a big samurai sword seems to work well for me and also by stating the intention…………… Why don’t I stay unhooked you ask? Well, I am living a human body experience like you all are. Of course, I will pick up negative energy, not be conscious of my thoughts at times, give away my energy to trivial things or indulge, focus my intention to TV, consume alcohol, processed foods, medications from time to time when unwell and that all hooks me back into the matrix again……… It is an ongoing thing to be aware of that limits your unlimited ability. And the powers that be are good at this don’t forget. This manipulation and control. They want you thinking you are free but in reality, you are not unless you really are conscious on all realms to manage your own energy. And so managing your own energy right now in this time in history is one of the most powerful things you can do for your souls evolving.

Much love always


Remember this is not financial advice, all for your own sovereign discernment………. We all have free will. I have posted crypto calls mainly for my own reference, I’m not hanging on the outcome and not saying I am correct. Posted in the hope the information I get will help people.

Author: Jule