Crypto update

So I am recording this here for my records. It is not financial advice. I am just giving exactly what I get from my connection with my guide of highest source light consciousness. I do have an avid interest in cryptocurrency and which way the digital assets will run. Everything is checked a few times. I am not saying I’m correct but for those who are curious may find what I get interesting or at least pass the time on our way to ATH’s.

So yes I think personally it will drop before it goes up back to ATH’s!


Will BTC go up from here in this current timeline? No

Will BTC go lower from here? Yes

Will this happen soon? Yes

Will BTC bottom at 7K? No

Will the BTC low from here hit 3K range? Yes

Will it hit the 3 K range soon? Yes

Was the Tarot card I drew this morning in relation to cryptocurrency correct? Yes

Should I change my BTC buys? No

TAROT CARD: The question asked to spirit was – Please give me a card for which way cryptocurrency will go next.

The tarot card drawn for the question about cryptocurrency today was – 5 Cups

5 Cups indicates the lesson to be learned from this card is that with loss comes change and with change opportunity. We can avoid loss if we avoid pursuing our heart’s desire, but if we have the courage to risk loss we may also gain.

Cups is about emotion and right now we need to take emotion out of the crypto game. You could be experiencing fear or disappointment from your past experiences with crypto. Move out of it! This card suggests hold strong, trust and have faith in the play that’s about to unfold. Don’t get emotional about it.

Asked is this card relation to be personally? No

Asked 3 times is this card relating to BTC? Yes

Sorry for anyone who thinks its going up from here. It will of course just not yet. Gotta fill some orders first LOL

Namaste, JD

PS. I should have said I have some low buy orders in the 3k – 4k range.

Author: Jule