Why share crypto stuff?

Why have I chosen to start divining and sharing my own crypto insight?

Because I have been following many other psychics for ages now and none of them seem accurate all the time, each differing in their own way which is fun. It could be because the timelines are out and I very much understand this because as a regression therapist doing regressions with client’s I work with timelines both past life, future and between lives. So basically, timelines are pretty irrelevant as time in the ethereal is all one and the same…. So even though I follow other psychics work I go within divine and check for myself as well. As so should you, always trust your own intuition on everything and never just follow others blindly.

As like many of us on our spiritual path the energy now is far more open to psychic intuition. So everyone who allows their intuitive gifts to be acknowledged their gift will be even more open and flow thick and fast now. Which has been what’s happening with me!

My priority is my spiritual path and I like many others on this path believe that digital currency and precious metals to be the shift in wealth for the masses. To lift the little person out of poverty and into stability, security and a better life……. Not saying we are all going to be millionaires, but instead, I see a vision of those from less economic security where their own currency has already failed, who have already adopted crypto and are using it daily. Will bring themselves a better life with adopting it. This, as we know, is happening right now! I see this growing more and more as the world goes forward into its economic meltdown………. Yes, some rich will still get richer if they adopt this too but the greedy and money-hungry will find it difficult to survive in the new future reality unless they are coming from a heart space intention. The average unconscious will eventually adopt and come on board the crypto train, but the slower their adoption the less wealth they will attain for themselves. Then there are early adopters like myself. I very first read about BTC white paper in the spiritual forums in the year 2000 and I wanted to buy it. Its was a very young internet then. My computer a grey square box and my internet dialed up to get online…………. It was a very long time later in 2017 that BTC was bought to my attention again and without hesitation, I knew to buy it………… For the shift in wealth for the masses I thought to myself which was what I read about it all the way back then……………… I could not have been shown this in 2000 without a reason and I do realize sometimes I am slow at picking up clues as didn’t get a clue again to a very long time later.

My adoption of it now is timely for me and my path is to share knowledge and help others grow no matter what area of life. Timely because the cusp of greatness for digital currency so huge at the verge of explosion.    I believe what I am getting regarding knowledge about crypto could also help others expand their own spiritual journey. Because there is a sacredness and wisdom to all of this, as I believe the gift of this will be given but it will also give you more choices and its those choices that will expand your spiritual growth or not………….

The same idea with business/coaching and the like put out the intent and the right people will come…… Me personally my intention is the expansion of humanity. Sounds big yes and not saying I don’t want to be a crypto millionaire, but for me, it’s the freedom of time it provides and the ability to open my spiritual wellness center without huge fees to the people that want to come to it, is what the crypto win will bring me personally. For others, I see it as the ability to enjoy more time with their loved ones and family. That’s what a crypto win is, its energetically balancing out a very old karmic debt that for the first time in history the masses will move out of control and manipulation. If they allow themselves to follow their spiritual path on their crypto journey. Please note when I say spiritual I am not meaning religion in any way. I mean the ability to know their true birthright as a sovereign soul being that has the ability to evolve their soul higher in this lifetime experience.

I meditate, channel and divine and have decided with the approval of spirit to start sharing my insight here. More so for my own records. Probably will be wrong or timelines out at times but think its an interesting journey……. I will post to twitter now when I do a new blog post if anyone interested. Find me here https://twitter.com/AGoddessLife I’m very conscious about where and how much to give my energy out as I feel it also interferes with energy…. As I said not everything for me is about crypto, so a lot of my stuff is the spiritual path and expanding awareness.

Namaste JD

Author: Jule

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