Pendulum divining/dowsing

For me, the process is not easy or fast because I repeat my questions in different ways to determine I get authentic answers from my guide of source truth wisdom. I’m not stating I am correct or right all the time which is why your information must be checked a few times and at different divining sessions. At times you can be influenced by matrix manipulation, so checking that you have a guide of highest source truth wisdom is a must. The information I have had come through is in the most authentic way possible with myself getting out of the way of any personal influence as much as possible.

Divining is effected by the person divining and their dedication to spiritual practice. My dedication, for example, is meditation each day before divining, I am also vegetarian, celibate, stay away from chemicals as much as possible and no fluoride as it calcifies the pineal gland. Eating meat lowers your vibration it is a given and myself being an empath I take on others energy very easily so remaining in the celibate state for me keeps my energy clearer…………. Make sure there is also no interferences with electronics especially the internet, wifi, computer and phones and the like. Even a watch can interfere or a metal ring could have energy in it and interfere.

Your pendulum can be willed with the power of your mind. So, in that case, you need to clear your mind to not focus on the outcome and also not focus on the pendulum when asking otherwise you will influence the outcome with your own will……. You the vessel needs to be connected with your highest source light/guide if not you will get matrix manipulation or some other entity.  Check that negative or playful energy has not affected your item/crystal, ask if it is cleansed and clear. So always ask if the crystal needs cleansing. Even if using wood or metal anything can get an attachment in it, not just crystals……….

Divining should be done with two feet flat on the ground and a sitting up with straight back……….. Anyone can try divining and get answers, it’s getting accurate answers that’s the hard part. I think that’s why pendulum dowsing gets a bad wrap, it’s not the pendulum, it’s the user usually……….. You will know for sure if your answers are truly the highest spirit and are correct by the swing and the energy. But always checking, checking, asking, and re-asking again and again. If you are getting conflicting answers then you do not have a true connection…. I strongly suggest getting the vessel right before you even try. Oh, btw no medication, drugs or alcohol either as these influence read badly.

One last thing about divining for source truth wisdom, stay out of ego, watch where your intention is and stay heart focused. Remove yourself from the need to know! Be as neutral as possible and not attached to what you want to happen………. If truly on your spiritual path you won’t really care if crypto comes in or not, and you become a millionaire. It’s just a means to an end you would like to experience to help uplift the planet….. Having more wealth just aids you in aiding others on their path.

Test and work out what is a YES for you, a NO for you and a MAYBE answer for you. Because it is all individual for each person. With practice and dedication, you will know and always have the same answers. You will also usually sense when something is gone array with your dowsing, so will need to cleanse pendant, smudge your environment and/or reconnect with your intention.

Yes for me is a swing anti-clockwise and has been for a few years now. So a big swing usually indicates to me a very positive yes…. No for me is back and forth and this usually comes through loud and clear. Maybe is a clockwise swing and can also indicate an unsure or a don’t know answer however I very rarely get that very often. It’s unique for everyone which way the pendulum swings and the dedication given.

For success with using the pendulum make sure you practice and develop your connection with your dowsing tool. For example, it should be used by you alone, no one else should touch it. You need to like it and have an attachment to your divining tool for a better connection. Something you hold dear to you is good. That way eventually you will know, understand and develop your skill and the information coming through.

Author: Jule