Light Council & Crypto calls

Feeling an urgency to get this out and the information and experiences from the higher realms I have had last few days. I hope my information will help you expand your awareness!


CL- Council of Light         J- Me, Jule

Meditation and then connection with the council of light. My energy is super light and flighty. Difficult to stay focused, I feel I am a bit all over the place. Very happy want to dance, hug and I feel such ecstatic joy.

Talking with my council of light – CL, We are pleased to have you here!

J, Thank you for having me here. CL, You know you are one of us. J, Yes but I don’t feel connected within my everyday life at times. CL,  Its because you don’t call on us enough. CL, Can you stay focused? J, Sorry I am so excited. CL, we know how excited you are. CL, you need to learn to focus and direct your energy more. J, Thank you I will

J, Am I too focused on cryptocurrency? CL, We understand it is your path to support in the 3D paradigm to bring about the changes you want to help others.

J, Requesting light for healing. CL It is always given. J, Why do I feel so amazing here and not always when I’m awake and conscious in my daily life? CL, Because you forget who you are. J, Yes that’s true. CL, We know, you know who you are, you just forget in the 3D. J, Yes, that’s so true. I am Source! I am complete, whole pure light consciousness. CL, Yes! CL, So see yourself as whole and complete. CL, You are looking for the problems in your daily life. J, Yes. CL, Remember who you are!

J, I love You! CL, We love you too, You are us, we are all one true light Source.

J, Thank you!  And the energy fades just as quickly as I found myself there.

END of experience

So, it’s like I just know the answers in an instant, they come so fast not just in words but in an energy feeling that it is almost I have to make myself put them into words. This is very hard to explain here. It’s a combination of a knowing, a warmness, like a hug, like support upliftment and an overwhelming feeling of love.

I hope the above makes you want to go further with your own meditations and connection with the spiritual realms. Now on to the crypto stuff –

13 – 14/09/19

Am I too heavily weighted in Altcoins? No

Should I cancel my buy orders for more XRP? No Buy orders in at 19 – 21 cents.

Will my RDD target get hit and my orders be filled? No

Will RDD target 1 c this weekend? No

Will RDD spike 2 c when BTC bottom? Yes

Is there not enough volume/liquidity for my RDD target to get filled? Yes

Will BTC bottom to a low of 8k? No

Will BTC next dropdown take it lower than 8 k? Yes

Will Altcoins run to ATH this month? No  Next month? No November? Yes

Should I buy more Altcoins? Yes medium swing. Should I change some of my ALTS? Maybe

Is Wax a good investment for me? No Should I sell my wax? No (Note this has been tested a few times over last few days and I keep getting the same answer. So if you have it hold it.)  I have a small amount. Should I sell my Wax after the rise? Yes. (My feeling here is Wax will have a dump at some stage, not saying its not a great coin just not great for me. Perhaps I miss the sell point personally and that’s what spirit can see. Just needed to clarify that.)

Should I buy the coin Pink? No  PundiX a good investment for me? Yes Is Qtum? No and was big swing No

 Is a good investment for me – NEO, Yes, BAT, Yes, ETN, Yes,

LTC, Yes but tiny swing. Should I buy more LTC when low? Yes (I have had trouble with this as bought at ATH so that could have something to do with the tiny swing. Or that LTC goes up and then down and spirit is not showing huge encouragement in the yes. Or its is more of a long-time coin. I will have to divine more on this.)

Is ZIL a good investment for me? Yes decent swing medium size.

Should I buy more BTC? Maybe

Will BCH run higher this year? Yes  Will BCH run to its ATH this year? Yes Higher than $600? Maybe

BCH past $1000? Yes BCH past $1500? Yes

Will EOS do well this year? Yes (Note I am heavily weighted in EOS and bought when higher.) Should I sell some of my EOS for something else? No. EOS see $50 this year? Yes. EOS past $75? Yes. EOS $100 this year? No

Cadano – ADA do I have enough? No ( I hold a decent amount but obviously spirit thinks not enough.) Should I buy more ADA? Yes  Will ADA get past $1 this year? Yes $2? Maybe $3? No (So ADA will be between $1 – $2 by year-end.) ADA will be huge next year? Yes

XRP is currently $0.25.5 (at time of testing) Will it go up in immediate future? No Will it go down? Yes

Will XRP go to $0.20? Yes Will my buy orders get filled? Yes

Is Tezzos – XTZ  a good investment for me? Yes (Note I am heavily weighted in XTZ from listening to another psychic) Should I sell 50% of my XTZ? No. Should I Sell 30% XTZ? Yes     Will XTZ hit $12 this year? Maybe………..Now not saying this isn’t good coin, my thinking is I could use some of the funds elsewhere just for the moment and maybe flip back to XTZ if I get a better read for it later on……….Sometimes the information is just unclear in the present timeline and it all depends on the will of the people involved with the project. They could change directions which influences outcome.

Is no psychic correct in predictions all the time? Yes.  Does it depend on the energy/entity/guide the psychic connects with? Yes big swing!

Do I have my guide of source truth wisdom? Yes     Did I just sense/see you in my vision? Yes

END of information. Ok, I hope this has been interesting for you! Remember the disclaimer Not Financial advice, just for fun. I suggest you also read my other blog yesterday regarding my own intentions to get a better understanding – and my other crypto calls to the left if you haven’t done so already. I have also done a detailed info page on how to divine/dowse successfully if you want to try it yourself………. I will post to twitter now when I do a new blog post if anyone interested. Find me here I find it conflicting to post my information (personally still dealing with fear-based ego mind and as I have said before believe I was punished/bound in a past life for doing so, so still carry that energy in this life.) but have this strong desire to share my stuff now.

Author: Jule