Crypto update, nothings changed!

This update is the same as what I have already been asking previously and the same answers replied. So some repeat questions, but I feel this is good as it’s even more confirmation when I keep getting the same answers. There are a few new questions & coins I ask about each time. Also keep in mind just because I get a No on a coin for me doesn’t mean its a No for you, a lot of time it’s just not the right time for me to buy it……. Note I work by asking for my own personal crypto interests and share them with you if you are interested. Hoping my calls will give you some clarity on your own crypto decisions. Remember not financial advice and we all take responsibility for our own investments.


Is Bittrex a good exchange? Yes. Is Bittrex the exchange that our trading orders will get filled on? Yes

Is BiteBTC a good exchange? No .     Will Binance orders get filled? Yes  (I have low BTC buys at 4k)       

Will BTC bottom soon? Yes 

BTC is currently at this time around $10300 Will it go up higher from here? No Will it go down from this point? Yes

At BKKT will BTC be up? No.  Will BTC drop just before BKKT? Yes.  In the 5 – 6k range? Yes Does it dip quickly? Yes

 Is price somehow manipulated down to with BKKT? Yes. Is the BTC price manipulated internally? Yes

Is the price back to 10k at BKKT? No. Is the price 10k after BKKT more towards Oct? Yes

Does the price move up slowly after BKKT? Yes

Are Altcoin prices affected by BTC drop price positively? No negatively? Yes. Are only a select few affected positively by the drop? Yes

Do I need to stay in RDD before making any other trades? Yes

Will my low RDD trades ger filled? Yes.  Will the higher trades get filled? Maybe

Put 20 – 30% XTZ into RDD? Yes

Should I increase sell orders at the 1 cent level? Yes

Will the RDD sell orders get filled before the 23rd? Yes

Should I buy KMD? No. Does KMD have good trading opportunities for others? Yes (small swing)

Time for me to buy KMD? No not time for me to buy.

Is the dip/drop still coming? Yes LTC should I buy more now? No

When RDD sell order filled should buy LTC? Yes

Will NEO go down to $4 – $5 in the dip? Yes

Will my XRP orders fill at 20 cents on Binance? Yes

Will we get a big run on Altcoins enough to cash some out this year? Yes.

Here are the Alts I will take some profit in at the end of the year. Will I sell some – XTZ? Yes. XRP? Yes. ENT? Yes. BAT? Yes 60%, DGB? No hold for longer. XLM? Yes, WAX? Yes, PundiX? No Long term hold, ZIL? Yes, sell only 20% @ $8 – $9 as will go higher to the $28 bit latter.

Author: Jule