Crypto confirmations


Divining for current crypto action and prices in this timeline.

Is something going to happen which will affect the financial markets very soon? Yes

Will I be selling taking profit on some trades to BTC in the next 2 weeks? Yes

Will DGB go to 30c in November? Maybe. Past 30c? yes. 35c? yes. 40c? yes 45c No. 50 c? No

Above prices for DGB in November? Yes

Will BTC drop in the next 48 hrs? Yes

BTC to 8k in the next 48 hrs? Yes

Will Alts plummet when BTC hits around 8K in the next 48 hrs? Yes

BTC to go past 8k in next 48 hrs? yes

Sharp past 8k and then straight back up? Yes.  Sharp drop to 3k? Yes

Will the 8k range stay for a while? Yes

Will Alts rise in BTC sideways at 8k? yes

BTC to go up in Oct? Yes

Will some of my RDD trades be filled? Yes

Is the BTC price past 10k after BKKT more towards October? Yes

Does the price move slowly after BKKT? Yes

NOTE* These are My divined confirmations from other psychic’s predictions – XRP – $2? Yes. BCH – $1260? Yes. ETH – $575? Yes. Will ETH dro in the BTC drop? – Maybe. LTC – $175? Yes. Will LTC drop in the BTC drop? No (no timeline on these yet.)

Is $8.5k the mark to take profits? No Is 9k the mark to take profits? No Is 8k the mark to take profits? Yes

Can timelines be out? Yes

Note* when I am asking my guide, it is all in the wording when I ask. Changing one word can change the outcome sometimes because it puts an extension on a question like for example when you add time to the end of the question…………. I repeat my questions a lot, I mean I reword them and repeat them trying to see if I still get the same answer and in most cases I do. Unless a different timeline is at play……….Remember there is no time in the ethereal. As we know with all the crypto stuff, its a matter of putting all the puzzle pieces together to position yourself in the best situation to take advantage of it.

Happy Cryptoing,


Author: Jule