My view on psychic stuff!

I recently read the Michelle Whitedove report and I have to agree wholeheartedly with her. I love what she is saying in regard to developing your intuition and your own connection with spirit. That your dedication is the key to your connection and also staying out of your ego. Really liked what she said about asking the ego to step aside to allow the Higher-self or your intuition to come in whilst you sleep.

I’ve been Spiritually conscious and awake for a long time regarding understanding universal wisdom and human behavior has been my arena but I am very new to the prediction area. I have started predicting and confirming other psychics calls on crypto basically because I want to know and have more confirmation for my own portfolio. Because I have made loads of mistakes by following others information and lost financially through not following my own intuition. I am quite trusting and gullible I would say because I have this unwavering trust in the ethereal realms. I do however now understand more clearly now that not everyone is making predictions from information of the highest light or using their heart intuition a priority over their ego. We as lightworkers all have the desire to help humanity and I feel that’s another reason for putting the information out there. Oh, and yes for some to make money on readings and private groups.

I am a member of another psychics group but have decided to remove myself because I got caught up with excitement and trusted what she said totally in the beginning. The more and more you listen to a psychic and trust your own intuition you get the truth about them.

After reading Michelle’s report I really like what she is saying and I feel guilty for putting out information that may not be correct in my haste. Although I have put out crypto calls nothing is yet proven correct and I wonder if some of what I get just purely desire for it to be so. So, yes I am doubting myself and my calls………..Doubt is not a good thing in the ethereal as Michelle says it is unwavering trust in what you get from spirit and your own faith in the process to nurture your psychic gift is what allows the energy connection to flow……….. Mine is also strongly linked to my desire to help and be of service, this may come back to shoot me in the foot! Inner desire to be of service to the group I am working with currently………… I do keep asking spirit am I able to assist and help in this TA group. And I get a confirmed yes, every time…. It is a combination of not just myself but the outcome of the whole of that group that stays heart focused and not only financial gain focused that will culminate in a positive outcome. There is many variables in each and every person’s energy within the group and that energy changes with the timeline and as progress unfolds….. Which is like I believe what happened with a certain psychic Michelle may have been referring to in her report……… Accuracy hmmm! It’s a tricky one in the psychic world!

So, I guess what I am trying to say is I want to be right about my own predictions and some of them the information is what has come from other psychics as I divine/dowse on top of others predictions. This could be dangerous. I am not going to say others are wrong I wouldn’t do that……. But if they are then naturally, I am too and then it will be my fault for being a copycat! I am starting to check more around the vicinity of their predictions to allow my own info to come through. My stuff is not all from others predictions but other psychics predictions get me excited and I want them to be correct as much as I would like myself to be correct….. Why divine and confirm others predictions because it’s a baffling world of a mass amount of information out there and if it can be broken down and confirmed then that would be helpful I thought. Two confirmations on something is better than one, I thought!

In my doubting, I am also wondering am I just picking up the energy of that other psychic’s confirmation and tuning into that……Hmmm maybe, because I get in general, I get their info confirmed with Yes on a few psychics information now. Or am I just trying from my own ego perspective to safeguard myself by sharing this, maybe part of it, I do wrangle with my own ego everyday…..I wonder about all this stuff on my journey to knowing more as my own gift unfolds. I know for sure I am fascinated about it all and will continue to share info and post my thoughts and intuitive insights. I believe my heart is in the right place because I’m not in this for the money gain on readings or paid groups and I believe good psychics should share their gift this way as so many want their info. I’m in for the cryptocurrency money gain don’t get me wrong on that, but that comes from me and not from anyone else. And to get spiritual on you again, I’m doing this for my soul growth evolving and this I believe to be part of that……….. Michelle Whitedoves report I loved and I love what she is putting out. I am learning from her for sure!

My calls may end up being wrong and I will have egg on my face but that’s ok as my ego is not big enough to get defensive or care……….Of course, I care and don’t want to intentionally direct others in the wrong direction. But we are all big enough and mature enough to be accountable for our own decisions and actions I believe………… So take this as a guide or confirmation from what others are giving as well to perhaps put your mind at ease or better still tune into your own intuition and confirm for yourself as well. I like the idea of working in unity and working as a whole to get information from the ethereal.

I once had this soul regression session on a friend of mine who went to another realm in the future. She was a small man in this realm, everyone was smaller in size and this future realm was one of complete unity. So much so if one of the beings within the realm’s energy was down or low, the other beings in the realm picked up on the energetic signature of that being and rallied together to help bring the energy of that being back up. Because all of the beings in that realms energy supported the whole. All of their energy on that planet supported not only everyone else but their environment, their planet, and the whole health, it was everything and vital to their survival. My friend played the being that was ill and everyone had rallied around. It was a step by step information that unfolded. Needless to say, this future life soul regression experience was very real for my friend and me. It was an amazing experience! My friend saw it in color first hand and I was privileged to experience it by facilitating and asking the questions. It was so powerful and promising of how things are on other planets.

Sorry I went off on a tangent with that but felt it was a great experience to share with you. I know how amazing the ethereal realms are, the overwhelming love felt. Hense my unwavering trust in the process!

Thanks and have an amazing day,


Author: Jule