Conscious Crypto Millionaires

A quick update as to the where the market currently traveling BTC $9700 and my disappointment with how wrong I was with the timing calls to BTC drop in 48 hrs. Very wrong with this as we are well over that now and we have not had this flash crash to under 4K…………. Some saying it is no longer in play at all….. But instead now many thinking the 8500 mark and not below.

I am still getting the 8k range and still getting at some stage a quick crash to under 4k. Sorry to repeat myself but spirit did not want me canceling these buy orders in this range. For some reason and I just have to follow, trust what I get.

I had originally said that that BTC would go down and then sideways when BKKT happened and I have been correct with that one.

The other call I said was that Alts would rise slowly when BTC gets to 8k from my last post. This is yet to be determined. Calls from last post –

Does the price move slowly after BKKT? Yes           Will Alts rise in BTC sideways at 8k? yes

BTC to go up in Oct? Yes              Is the BTC price past 10k after BKKT more towards October? Yes

New information as rechecked again today –

Will BTC drop lower than now? Yes.  BTC Down in the immediate future? Yes.   BTC down this month of Sept? Yes.  BTC Under 9k? yes. BTC down to 8k? yes. Under 8k? No.  Should I change my BTC buys up to 8k? No Should I change my BTC to above 8k? No. So leave the 4k range orders in play? Yes. Will my BTC 4k orders get filled? Yes (Note this is only what I keep constantly getting could be in play this move down or another one at a later day. I am told by spirit to leave them so will atm.)

Divined from some others predictions – LTC to control the people? No. Is LTC for the people? Yes. LTC used in 5G? No. Is there a second private cryptocurrency market? Yes. Are many of the coins manipulated and on a second private market? Yes.

Will Pundix pop higher this year? No. Will it pop higher next year? Maybe

Back to my own personal divining – The New Crypto Millionaires

Should I buy more Wax? Yes.  DGB up in November? Yes. It will get to between 30 – 40c? Yes

By attaining crypto wealth will some souls shift their focus and raise their vibration higher? Yes

With attaining the crypto wealth will this enable people to move past out of the slave system? Yes.

Does the shift in Wealth really happen? Yes

The Bitcoin Time traveler sees a world of separation where people divide and live in separate communities of have and have nots in the future? No

Is crypto wealth good for people? Yes.  Will they get past greed? Yes

Those that become the crypto wealthy of the future be doing things to raise the vibration of those around them and help others? Yes.

Will the future be brighter? Yes. Do we have anything to worry about in the future? Maybe

Is it to do with technology and who controls it? Yes

Your new crypto wealth talks and people listen? Yes. The new crypto wealthy will have more influence that what they know right now? Yes big swing.

Is it the awakened ones, lightworkers, new crypto millionaires that raise the vibration, help, protect the people and future generations from manipulation and control? Yes

It is these crypto millionaires that pave the way to protect future generations? Yes big swing

Are we complete? Yes

It looks like the future is very, very bright for us Conscious Crypto Millionaire’s and I believe it so! We just need to gather our strength to come through this current time that feels like forever and remember who we really are. If you have chosen this path, you chosen it to be a way-shower, a leader, a creator, an uplifter and you are bringing about an amazing future……….. I got that from today’s session just how powerful we will be and we don’t currently realize that. We don’t realize the power our wealth will bring as people will listen and we will do amazing things because we can. We have the power, we have the knowledge, we have the consciousness, we have the heart centeredness and we have far more wealth than you can ever imagine……….. Develop and adopt this way of thinking now and remember how unlimited you are and you can move mountains!

As we know the timing can be out and this is not financial advice.

Much love & light, JD

Author: Jule