Update after the drop!

25/09/19 Note* all times are Southern hemisphere.

Ok, I’m back so quickly, less than 15 hrs since my last post and what a difference a drop makes!

As I posted at 11 pm my time last night was told we are still going down and to 8k which went below that and currently we are traveling in the 8.7k range for BTC. So, I thought I should check in quickly to update what I get from my guide next. My lack of sleep from staying late watching the market drop has not done me any favors today as I have ended up with a headache I can’t seem to shake. I believe I am also picking up on frenzy energy which has me with-drawing to get some clarity. Currently so tired but cannot sleep. Enough of my woes, here we go!

Is BTC going up from here? Yes. Over 9k? Yes. Over 10k? NO.  9.8k? no.  9.7k? No. 9.6k? Yes Sideways at this level for long? No.

After 9.6k do we drop back again? Yes To 8k? yes. 7.5k? Yes

Do we go sideways at 7.5k? Yes  At around 7.6k range Alts start to rise? Yes

Are we still getting this flash crash to around 4K still? Yes In October? Yes. Does the flash crash come down from the 7.5k? Yes

These next ones are requests – Theta and XRP

Theta is currently down about 23% will it go lower from here? No.  Will it rise from here? Yes.  Fast? No. Does it go to 20 c this month? No. October? Maybe. November? Yes. Past 20c in Nov? NO

Will XRP hit $1 next month Oct? No Will it hit that in November? Yes Past $1 in Nov? Yes. $2 in November? Maybe………..Note* I stop there when I get maybe and will check again closer as with manipulation and those behind the project times and prices variable and not currently clear on this one.

And for me, Will I get to buy NEO at $4? Yes. When Alts start to rise again will NEO go to $20? Yes Past $20 in Oct? Yes $55 by November? Yes

BTC will rise up substantially in October? No. Rise in November? Yes. To its all-time high in Nov? Yes Past its ATH in November? Yes

So if you are feeling disheartened by the drop, try not to be as we know we needed this correction and things are still looking amazing for BTC by November. I feel this is the last chance to get your Altcoins when they will all be riding up starting October.

As we know the timing can be out and this is not financial advice. Also, My time frames seem to be shorter meaning mostly this year. I haven’t checked for long term yet.

Namaste, JD

25th Sept 8.14 pm blog update: Just checked in with my guide and we are NO longer going up from here. Short term is down to the 7.5k range. At the moment the 9.6k in not in play.

Author: Jule