Really understanding Energy.

Have you heard the saying you learn more from listening than speaking? This one is a common one regarding understanding human behavior and well it is also so on your spiritual path as well. Because it is in you listening, not speaking that you will gain knowledge, not in constant chatter & talking. The need to quiet the mind and listen is where the beauty lays. Being able to move away from the ego constant blabber, yes, it’s important to share but sometimes for some sharing their stuff is more important to them than your exchange.

The ego and habits play a huge role here too. Many just don’t like and feel uncomfortable in silence, or when in someone’s presence constantly feel the need to chatter whether the information is of value or not is of no relevance to them. Some are more in their ego’s and have a constant need to be right and one-up the other person, very difficult to learn and gain soul growth when either of these two signs is happening. It’s unawareness they are doing it, perhaps lack of self-reflection that stunts growth.

We have all heard the manage and guard your energy concept, and it is true, no one wants anyone dumping on them and that’s a given concept of how draining the energy vampire exchange can be when it happens……. That’s just the basic’s people understand now. Thank goodness! Especially when its negative or bad news your friend is sharing with you. However, people are still not managing their energy enough.  Of course, people should share for connection, but to repeat constantly for their opinions to be right, well that’s hard to hear.  Also sharing in minute detail, we have all heard older people do this and it can be forgiven. I mean minute agonizing detail that is not of benefit to the other party to hear can be time-consuming but also draining. Being conscious of the benefit to others and having an appreciation of the other persons time takes growth.

Don’t get me wrong I believe it is vitally important to connect and share, we need that as humans to find connection with others and to share. More so than that, I view connection and any form of conversation either online or in-person an exchange of energy. I view any exchange in connection and conversation in the terms of value it brings (or not brings as above) to a person’s life experience.

I think the more along your spiritual path the more you understand this concept as this then stretches the 3D mind limits of understanding. Taking it into the realm of manifestation value and exchange.

Let me elaborate more. You have heard the saying everything is energy, right! Well, it is but the 3D mind only sees the basics of that, because it is all energy, our thinking, our connecting and our communication and what we put out to others and the world at large. All of that puts out our vibration of where we are personally vibrating at……… Read that again, where we are personally vibrating at, not just your smiley face and friendly hello and well that’s so lovely too, but it is what you are sharing that is most important….. And we are all trying to make sense of the world and others behavior so I am not saying don’t communicate that and process it to understand. But move through it, because if you don’t, you stay in the same place. If you find you are repeating the same things or friends are repeating similar information to you. How can you be evolving higher and raising your vibration?    And so, this also all boils down to manifesting as well, as we know rise your vibration and you will manifest positively. If you are not communicating, sharing your energy positively in ALL forms and in ALL-WAYS, you are not rising your vibration. As it is all flow, all moving and it encompasses everything.

Including the very important principles of the laws of the universe! If you are not flowing the energy of the principles of the universe, how can you manifest positively? Many people think when it comes to appreciation that they are appreciative. I say thank you to people and appreciate them. Do you? Are you oozing that energy? Ask yourself that? It’s an energy signature that is required. Not just the action, the doing or the saying, it is the feeling it that’s important. Even if you don’t end up communicating your appreciation to someone (and you should by the way) you having such an incredibly strong feeling of appreciation is what’s powerful……. It’s like when someone says thank you just out of habit you know it’s an empty thank you, it has no energy behind it.

Time is energy, giving a person your time and I mean not just in the physical is a blessing. It’s all energy, it is all to do with managing your energy better which in turn raises your vibration……. I see in the future this will be much more understood! Advertisers will not be able to rob you of your time or drain your energy with their advertisements but instead will have to pay you for the privilege because it will be a given the understanding of energy then. It will be a given just how powerfully it works. People who have learned this skill will have more intuition and hence more power. You can’t gain this being unconscious and not managing your energy in every and all areas of your life. Energy is a precious commodity of empowered intent, people currently don’t realize this. They have no idea how powerful they can actually be!

With that, I’m not saying you need to cut people out of your life that you judge their energy, not at your level. This whole judgment thing is another dicey topic thing altogether. Stay out of judgment about others as much as possible but remain incomplete constructive judgement of self. Be conscious!  Boy judgment is a tricky one in this timeline, likes it’s crazy and been programmed into us…….. Anyway sorry off topic a bit, as far as people in your life and their vibrations bring your focus, your energy (but not to your own detriment) to a level where you vibe and resonate with them, things in common, focus on the positive things of things in common and only vibe at that level because then the interaction will be powerfully positive. Accepting that other at their own level and just let it be! This will be a positive joyful exchange.

So, time is energy too and so is every single exchange you have with a person either good or bad is all energy and all a blessing. Obviously its more a blessing when the communication is positive, then it’s an absolute blessing to behold and you can feel your spirit dance with excitement with this kind of exchange…………… Think of it this way, ask yourself what did I put out today as far as my energy exchanges, were they positive? Where they draining? Did my information enhance someone’s life or did I just need to get my stuff off my chest? Am I bored, do I just want to be entertained or boost my ego so I will blab? We are all human we will send out all sorts of energy signatures out, but it’s having the consciousness about the energy and the ability to manage energy that is the key. So the idea that time is energy is the question, did I bore someone to death today or did I rob them of some of their precious time. All our time is precious, we just don’t hold it in high regard like this and I don’t mean from a business time is money.  No, this life-time line Is precious! Should be spent building up, sharing and empowering ourselves and others. So, again your question to self, did I enhance someone’s life today with how and what I shared? Did I provide them laughter? Did I soothe their soul with comfort and understanding? Or did I rob them of their time for no reason?

Look I live in this 3D world too and get caught up in too much chatter at times because I so want the connection, sometimes through loneliness, I so want the communication that I will listen to endless babble for the sake of connection. But at least I am aware of my process, I understand also its effect on my energy. I come out of meditation and it’s all so clear. My own part in the role I play, my own at times my need to please and be accepted, still so working on this one. I spend a hellava lot of time in solitude, it generally doesn’t bother me like it does others. However, we all need connection with others, I’m aware how much at times I lower my vibration at times for that connection. I’m not saying I am any better or higher than others although it might sound like that, it honestly is not meant to come across this way. I just want more growth for your soul than perhaps you do at times, well at least I place that above absolutely everything else. I’m a way-shower/light-worker/mystic whatever for a reason and if you are reading this, you are too. Our aim is to raise the vibration. Empower those around me for those who hear the call.

And just think of the fun it will be like to play in a realm of empowered? I get glimpses of it all the time, where everyone’s vibration is much higher.

“Magic made manifest” is one of my favourite sayings I invented. Because it is so true when you feel this energy, anything is possible, moulding the clay to anything you want so possible…… Wealth comfort, luxuries yes, desired, but so not the main goal. Prime creator has your soul’s growth as the goal.

Raise your vibration by watching where you direct your focus, yes, play in nature, ground yourself, mother nature, create, craft whatever floats your boat, music it all nurtures and raises your vibration. It would stay higher more often if you direct your own energy and not hand over your power unconsciously. As we progress on our journey we learn this. Your awareness and consciousness is part of that journey, the journey is to be masterful of evolving the soul.

Direct your focus to – Put your absolute bliss heart intention desire into your reality. Visualise yourself there! Are you chasing crypto in your desire? I think not……. You are there already right! It’s done, it’s a given! You really need to work out what your Absolute Bliss Heart desire is first though.

Mine is being by a beach, warm and sunny, meditating, writing, blogging, creating, laughing, sharing, smiling, exchanging energy, growing, yoga, loving, abundant and that is nearly completely my reality. It’s my reality next month!

So, I would like to say thank you for your time in reading this if you got this far. No, it’s not crypto-related, but our whole world shouldn’t revolve around cryptocurrency only. At times we all need perspective. And I hope you have gained from this read.

Much love always, JD

Author: Jule