We seem to be traveling in the 8k range that I was talking about last few days prior to the drop from high 9k, I called back on the 20th Sept which was BTC to go drop past 8k in next 48 hrs? yes as we know this didn’t happen in 48 hrs but did happen.  And yes this happened Sharp past 8k and then straight back up? Yes.

The big drop to 3 – 4K? This is still in play and I have just checked today and still get we will have a bigger drop.  Sharp drop to 3 – 4k range? Yes

Will the 8k range stay for a while? Yes. Then on the 15th I stated and was wrong with _ Will BTC bottom to a low of 8k? (My answer then was No )       15th Sept – Will BTC next dropdown take it lower than 8 k? Yes. This one correct because we have currently seen some lows under 8k range into 7k.

I was wrong about the timing though, at this stage maybe I was wrong about some of the calls and are still refining my skill for sure but I surprise myself how nearly spot on the info has been and are in so much appreciation to my guide for the information coming through.

So today’s divining –

Without checking it I ask is BTC at 8K? yes. Will we continue sideways here? Yes.       Are we going up from here? No.   Will we continue down from here? Yes

Will BTC hit 7.5K soon? No.  BTC to 7k? YES.  Lower than 7k? No (this is confirmed twice.) Will BTC go to 6k in this bit down? No

Will we still get the drop to the 3k range at some stage? Yes…..4k range? Yes. Is 3 – 4K range the next dropdown? Maybe (meaning unclear)

This is another request coin – Electra (ECA) I do not have it myself.  

The coin Electra should I buy some? No    Is the Electra coin good for future investment? No  Currently, less than a penny/cents, Will it go up in this next Alts coin wave up? Yes    Will this only be temporary for this coin? Yes.  Will it go to 0.01? Yes.   Over .01 cent? Yes.   0.2? No.   0.03? No.

Whilst my information is free and I do not expect anything, I have now added a donate box to the sidebar of this site, if you like my work and you wanted to do an Energy Exchange that would be greatly appreciated! As you know by giving you also receive, it’s the energy of the universe.

As far as coin requests are concerned, these I will do for a $5 because there is a lot of coins I do not personally own so I would not ask about them unless prompted….. Most of the popular coins you will find free info and price predictions if you look back in archives. I get a feeling I will be getting more requests I am not familiar with and I will dedicate my time to the coin if there is an energy exchange. I am thinking this is fair option. To purchase a Coin Request –

I am also super excited to have added Cryptocurrency to my payment options today this is a fabulous option, no fees, yay!

As we know the timing can be out and this is not financial advice.

Namaste, JD

Author: Jule