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I seem to get more information short-term like weeks – a few months out generally but have been seeking information further into next year with this session.

My information gets clearer when I can ask around a topic or event and so I asked for around the time of Bitcoin halving. And I got a lot more defined information for BTC and the general crypto market for then. Not saying I am correct in my predictions but this seems to be more accurate and clearer because it is the energy of a big event. That’s why when I asked about BTC at BKKT my information was correct because the timing was all about big energy in a timeline.

So here we go –

BTC currently traveling in the low 8k region will we go lower from here to 7k? Yes Will we travel sideways at this 7k point? Yes

Are we still going to go even lower down to the 3 – 4k range? Yes. To 3.5k? Yes. To 3.4k? No.

Will BTC go lower than 3k? No.  Will BTC go down to 2k? No.

Will it be the first week of Oct for the further drop down? Yes (actually I got this twice)

Will this drop happen 1st week Oct? No. 2nd week? No.  3rd week Oct? No. 4th week Oct? Yes

Note* I have contradicting information here regarding this drops timing, I have asked at 2 separate occasions and for the first time have received 2 different answers which I thought was relating to exactly the same question. So, either BTC does it’s drop like Aura says in the beginning of Oct but perhaps not all the way. Then completes its drop in the final week, or I could just be completely wrong on the timing…….. Just giving you all I got!

So I wanted to let you know the price I got for NEO and BCH in the drop – I expect a lot of our fav ALTs will be down and super cheap buying opportunity.

Will NEO go down with BTC in the drop to $4? Yes.  $3.50? Yes

Will BCH be down in the drop to $150? Yes, Lower than $150? Yes. $100? Best buying chance at around $110? Yes

Will BTC stay along time at $3.5k the drop? No Will BTC come back fast after the drop? Yes.  I know this has contradicted the previous call that I made in an earlier blog about staying a while at this drop, so I am not sure what to say about that, except this is how confusing it can be with manipulation at play. That’s why I check what I get a lot because as time unfolds everything can push and change, its always moving and changing energy. Nothing stands still and is set in stone.

Will BTC go past ATH by end of the year? Yes. Will BTC hit $100k at end of year? Maybe. Will BTC hit $90k end of the year? Yes

So, I have gone on to now get information on the drop that many are talking about in early January.

Will BTC have a massive drop in January? Yes. Will it go lower than $20k in Jan? No.

Will it come back even stronger from the January drop? Yes

Will this massive BTC drop in January effect the Altcoins? No.  Will Alts not pull back with BTC? No Do Alts slowly go down in January at this time? Yes

So, I think other psychics talked of the Alts pulling away from BTC and perhaps that this is the stage it happens. The ones that are the premium Altcoins anyway. I will do a later session to find out more about this time and how it affects Alts. I also think if they go down, which I think they will a little bit but not be as greatly affected, they won’t have a devastating pull back. But Like I said I will be checking this closer…….. I think also because the BTC halving has a great effect on the crypto market, both with media attention and the actual effect of less BTC around. This will transpire into not just BTC but also the good Alts. So even that we have the January drop it will not last long at all, certainly not months like we have had in the past.

Will there be mass adoption March at BTC halving? Maybe.

Will BTC get to $200k at the halving? Yes.  Over 200k at the BTC halving? Yes.

Will BTC at its halving get to 250,000? YES.

After the Halving will BTC travel sideways? NO. Will BTC continue up after the halving? Yes

Will BTC get to $300,000 after halving? Yes

I plan to recheck all this as we get closer.

Information on precious metals –

Will Gold get to 2000k at the end of the year? Yes. Over 200k at year-end? No

Does Gold have a pullback at the end of the year? Yes

50% pullback? No.   25% pullback? No.     10% – 15% pullback? Yes

Will there be new highs for Gold next year? Yes

Gold to over $5000 next year? Yes.  Gold to $6000 next year? Yes.   Gold to $10,000? No.   Does Gold get to $7000? No

Silver will it get to over $100 this year? Yes. Will silver get $150 by year-end? Yes

Silver $1000 next year? No. Will silver get to $900 next year? Yes

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As we know the timing can be out and this is not financial advice.

Namaste, JD

Author: Jule