Spiritual rant!

Why is it so dam hard for people to move out of their ego’s? I have spiritual friends that grasp/cling to the concept of raising vibration in order to manifest. It’s more of a what’s in it for me kinda thing! So really not vibrating from the highest level of spirituality. These people are still thinking they can have one without the other….. Are so far, still in ego it does my head in! (My shit to process about that one lol)

From my perspective in my last blog about energy, I see it as a gift’ I am giving, for some people they don’t understand that. Some just continually take your energy, support, and your illuminated info and give absolutely nothing in return……… And you could say to me, well why are you attracting those people? Because I came to serve and help others evolve and this is part of it. Like moths to a flame is the energetic light of illumination………Also, we attract to our relationships with people where the soul gets growth. My part in it for soul growth in it is to not be afraid, to be honest for fear you will no longer like me.

The spiritual journey is just as much about respect and appreciation as it is about shifting ego programs and being able to accept responsibility and apologize authentically.  You can get a lot of info from a good or bad apology, you know you are dealing with someone who likes to think they are spiritual but they are not doing inner work and transmuting shit to evolve their soul.

An apology I got from a friend today,” I am sorry you feel that way!” I’m generally not great at returning messages these days but understand how you feel……..Now that sounds good on the surface, yes!  I hadn’t heard from her in ages about the long supportive message I had sent her.  I bought to her attention that I sent her a supporting message and channeled energy when she was very upset (we have a history of this btw) and I had not had a response and now she was reaching out again because she wanted something.

Really,” I am sorry you feel that way!” is not a true apology just puts the energy back on the other person. ,” I am sorry I MADE YOU feel that way!” Now that’s taking responsibility moving out of your own ego…….. The Excuse – “I’m generally not great at returning messages these days” Finishing with, Saying ” I understand how you feel” is positive but also comes from ego after these particular other statements because it indicates compassion and understanding from an ego-mind perspective, not a heart perspective.

I’ve been processing my throat chakra much more lately, done a ton of work on it throughout the years regarding having a voice and speaking up. Cleared it so well that I have done quite a bit of public speaking.  Speaking authentically and honestly is a very tricky thing for many that cross my path because now I am really starting to call people on their shit, demand accountability in a nice way of course. Because that is part of me shining my light brightly and authentically. I would just say my ignoring their behavior before, like I used to do, thinking they don’t know any better and they have a good heart as I cover their behaviour with love and light…… However, that doesn’t help them or me at all!  My energy now demands authenticity and to be heard and if you don’t like it as one of my personal friends then you will fall away……..Many say to me I am getting rid of negative friends in my life, they just mean from a superficial level, people who don’t lift them up and serve them positively make them feel ego good. And hey that’s great, but did you ever think in my opinion you’re the negative not being truly authentic energy friend?

Sounds harsh I know!

You will hear me a lot turn my accountability back on myself, looking deep within to understand, am I being honest, authentic, coming from heart, this is me processing and is part of the spiritual journey and away from the ego. It’s such a tricky area and I ask myself a lot I’m in my ego about this? Do I want to be right? How important is this? Do I sound righteous? My journey is for soul growth though, it is the utmost importance for continuation on the journey.

As light-workers and those on the path spiritual energetic’s, we will continue to attract all energy. As an Empath, see it as my role to help uplift other souls, support, encourage, share universal knowledge and remind them of their brilliance. Been doing that for a while now in a fluffy way, but now its time to get real! I’m highlighting your ego flaws as well as your lack of accountability or willingness to go there! This is part of being with me, it is part of me helping your growth…….No longer covering with fluffy love and light boosting your ego whereby you don’t do any inner work. You will always be attracted to my light as I have done the work and continue to do so, so my energy vibration rises and you can sense this. I will no longer keep giving for the takers…… This planetary energy right now on the planet is about accountability and is pushing and purging for true authenticity not ego denial. We are coming into an age of equality, true authenticity equality that is in all areas. True equality is energetically even giving and receiving from an energy perspective.

Food for thought, I hear myself sounding harsh but I cannot stress authenticity integrity as a prime part of soul growth and intuitive information, which connects very strong to Source. Source Guides, hear the call of the authentic soul those not working from their ego.

Being the true Taurean I am, truly experiencing this Uranus in Taurus purging, shaking things up, speaking the truth and expressing is my way of clearing and moving through this energy we are all going through now and will continue to for the next 6 years.

Like me, if you are on your spiritual path, doing the reflection work. You will also be asking yourself how can some people behave the way they do? But as you gathered it is this exact energy that is delivered to you (me) that is for reflection, growth and to make the decision to move up, and past this, not envolve yourself with those that do not appreciate you or are resonating in authentic integrity spiritual journey.

Author: Jule