October Crypto update

This is a quick update as I haven’t had a lot of time lately with my moving. If you haven’t been following me before. I am packing up, selling up and leaving Australia. I am moving overseas. Not exactly sure the final destination but the journey has begun. That’s exciting and that’s how much I believe in cryptocurrency! You see, I sold my property over 2 years ago now and have been waiting for the GFC and I foresaw the bottom of the property market here. The extremely high tax of all crypto transactions and any financial gains or investments here, I was a retail business owner in my previous life. Australia just does not support its people getting ahead and the recession will hit very bad here. So it is off to exciting new pastures!

So my updates with divining with my guide regarding what’s happening with cryptocurrency are currently weekly instead of every few days at the moment. The way the market is moving so slowly and sideways that is ok for the moment…….. I divined for this information yesterday and are posting today as feel there is going to be movement very soon. So best get this to you!


BTC currently 8.5k? Yes.  Will BTC go up from here? Maybe Will BTC go past 9k? No. 11/10 asked again, will BTC go past 9k in immediate future? No.

Will BTC still have a dip lower? Yes.  Will this dip happen in October? Yes

Will BTC go down to 7k? Yes. Down to 4k? Yes.

Is this the October dip some are talking about? Yes. Will this dip happen soon? Yes.

Is this Bitcoin traveling sideways giving false security to the market as stability? Yes

Will there be more than one BTC flash drop crash? Yes

Will the BTC manipulation be over by the end of the year? No

Will Alts to rise more from here? No

Will Alts rise up in October? No Will Alts continue to run higher end of Oct? Yes

Will Alts be affected by BTC drop? Yes. Buying opportunity for Alts coming? Yes. Will this happen soon? Yes. Is Oct the buying opportunity for Alts? Yes

We need to get through this first BTC dip and then Alts can rise higher? Yes

 Will Alts continue to rise higher in November? Yes

Will my BTC low orders be filled? Yes

Will my RDD sell orders be filled? Yes. Is RDD a good investment long term? Yes

I have also done 2 coin requests recently and they are for PundiX and Tron. Whilst I won’t give out prices or timelines on these cryptocurrencies on here as they are personally sent to the person requesting the coin. I would like to say a brief insight to help my soul friends.

Pundi X is a great project and what I got yesterday is it is an excellent investment for the future. It is a long term one and there will be amazing gains to be made. Especially if you get in now or even next year there is time on this one. It will be flying by 2021. I really like this one now after this beautiful request for me to investigate its potential further. You see even though I have quite a few coins there are so many coins, unless I look into them with my guide not even I know the full details of their potential….. So this one is a great project and I was told I should buy more.

Tron, unfortunately, I did not get as a great investment but you can still make money on this one in the short term. Again I am not sharing the price point and timeline to sell this one as that’s the info you get when you request a coins information. But I will say don’t stay in this one long-term! The energy I got of this one was dirty tainted somehow, sorry that’s just the confirmation I got on it.

Coin requests or other psychic requests, these are $5 there is a lot of coins I do not personally own so I would not ask about them unless prompted….. Most of the popular coins you will find free info and price predictions if you look back in archives. I get a feeling I will be getting more requests I am not familiar with and I will dedicate my time to the coin if there is an energy exchange. To purchase a Coin Request – https://www.goddesscreative.com/product/coin-request/

So overall we are getting closer to what we have all been waiting for. It’s nearly here! We just need to get this first dip over and done with, allow some more of us to get good prices in. Unfortunately, my take is that the manipulation is far from over. Think I read somewhere it was coming to an end but no not yet. That’s why the checking in and regular updates are really important because the massive manipulation at play. I think it will get better but if there was no manipulation or this was easy, we just put our money in and then the market went up like predicted. It would not hold our respect and value for all this hard work we are putting in now. It’s this energy, hard-earned energy that we will see bear amazing fruit very soon. Keep the faith everyone, we are so close! Much love to you all!

As we know the timing can be out and this is not financial advice!

Namaste, JD

Author: Jule