Beautiful Limbo land


Currently like BTC I’m in limbo land! I’m in transition land before taking off overseas next week to Vietnam. I’ve missed not be able to daily meditate and connect with my guide now that I have moved out of my own home’s privacy.

So seems currently BTC is back at that 7.5k range I got a week or so ago and right now is traveling sideways in the same range…….. I don’t get that we are going up at the moment or sideways for much longer. I believe we will go down further. To under 7k? Yes. To under 6k? Yes. Is this the 4k drop we have been waiting for? Yes.

Are my funds and orders safe on Bittrex whilst Bittrex goes through its transition to Bittrex Global? Yes……..Is it safe to leave the funds in there on the exchange? Yes. Will my orders still get filled if Bittrex transitions over to Bittrex Global? Yes.

Should I invest in swarm city? No

Is mass adoption into crypto coming this year? Yes. Are the manipulating forces waiting for the masses to come into the market and then the market will drop? Yes.

It is important to have a cash-out plan at the end of the year when crypto has made some great gains. And I am getting from my guide that we will make great gains enough for some coins to take profits. I have been instructed to cash out at least 50% of my portfolio at the moment this may increase closer as more information becomes clearer……. I have some longer-term holds that I don’t see the point of cashing out as I purchased them so low and these ones won’t run higher to later on. Like Pundi X, Theta, ADA and OMG. I would also not cash out of BCH, DGB, and NEO.LTC and VERI is a wait and see yet.

Altcoins will have there run and I was always originally saying Dec and I got they started to rise in November. Others see other things like crashing in December, for me at the moment I am trying not to get my own information influenced by what others are getting or hooking into fear. There is an abundance of fear manipulation at the moment. Easier said than done not to be influenced by it when you are trying to stay up to date with the latest intel……..It will be price markers for me and then I will be getting out.

These some of the coins so far that I will be cashing out of when they hit these certain marks at year end are –

Zilliqa will reach $24 -$25 I will be cashing out around $23 at the end of this year.

XRP could go to over $20 by year end and cashing out 70% my holdings.

XTZ – Tezos $10 and I will cash out 80%

Bat $13 – $15 cashing out 80%

Wax cash out 50%

Electronium – ENT  $3.35 cash out 40%

RDD cash 95% buy back lower.

EOS – hold to end of 2020, at the moment I didn’t get a sell on this one.

Ok now I have a tip from my guide regarding your meditations. One of the reasons so many don’t meditate or don’t enjoy it is because when we first sit down to meditate we come to it with dense and unclean energy and this energy does not give us the meditation experience we would like…. One way to clean clear that heavy denseness is to spin. Dervish Sufis spin to become one with God, so it makes sense that spinning is a great spiritual practice.

Will spinning clear attached negative energy? Yes. Is the amount of times you spin your body different depending on each individual? Yes. Willing spinning in any direction that feels comfortable help to clean and clear the body better for meditation? Yes.

And so the practice of the spin with arms out should be determined by the number of spins that are comfortable to you, in the direction comfortable to you. Trust your own body knows! This opens up the colloidal field and energy centers in the body, throwing out anything that is stuck or needs shifting (energy-wise) that allows you when you come to a stop and sit or lie down to meditate a shift in state.

Make this part of your practice, your ritual. The higher realms love ritual and so it makes a connection statement to the start of your meditation practice.

Like the beautiful Vietnam scene in this picture, its always all about your focus. Direct your intention and your focus to the most beautiful outcome and thats what will manifest for you.

Much love & positive energy always, JD

Author: Jule