Nov end Update!


Well, it’s been a long time and BTC hasn’t really been doing much so I have been enjoying and settling into my new life here in Danang, Vietnam. BTC had a few ups and now a few downs, now that we have had some movement with it, I thought it is time I update and post again. I had been continually getting the same thing previously and had felt like a broken record with my same, same of BTC is going down. Think people were sick of me saying it. I was myself Lol………….So now better to check, cross-reference and check again now that we have had some time and movement. Also, in the light of some other information, I wanted to check has come through I also wanted to clarify.

The timeline currently 23rd of November 2019 and BTC is currently sitting at 7.2k right now. Will it go up from here? No.  Down from here? Yes.  Next few days? Yes

Will it go under 7k? Yes, Under 6k in November? Yes. Below 5K in the next few weeks? Yes

Will my orders get filled in the 4K range? Yes.  Soon? Yes

Will it stay low for a long time? No.

Will it dip and straight back up? Yes. Will it go back again to 7k? No.

Like a spring it bounces fast? Yes. I see visions of quick movement and was shown springs bouncing.

Will it bounce past 10k? Yes.  Past 11k? Yes. Will it bounce past 12k? Maybe

Settles for a little while between 11 – 12k? Yes.  Will it stay at this 11 – 12k range long? No.

Then it moves on? Yes. Back to ATH? Yes.  December ATH? Yes. Past the ATH? Yes.

Will it still reach the 90k prediction I was given a while back? Yes. This year? No

Next few months? Yes.  80k – 90k around April/May? Yes.

Has the global reset already started? Yes. Are the public not aware that’s its happened? Yes

Is it happening all behind the scenes? Maybe but can also see it in the open if you look closely is what I got.

Will the stock market crash soon? No. And I have asked this before and I get the same thing. It will be the third quarter next year the stock market will crash. Not mid-year but into the third quarter.

Will this reset that’s already taking place, affect us by accessing our funds? No.

Could there be a time of lockdown? No.  Are the banks giving us access to our funds? Yes.

Will crypto be at risk on exchanges? No.  Will we be able to access all our crypto? Yes

Is this information that I’m asking questions about matrix manipulation to put fear? Yes. Is it an energy signature some could be picking up on? Yes.

Will I be able to cash out of Bittrex when I want? Yes.  Will it be a slow process? Yes

Will all my orders get filled eventually? Yes. Will my RDD sell orders get filled? Yes.  Will my BTC Bittrex buy orders get filled? Yes.         Will I be able to move the BTC once I have it? No.           Is it my BTC? Yes.      Will I be able to turn my new BTC into a stable coin on Bittrex? Yes. Will I then be able to send the funds into a bank account? Yes. 

Will Bittrex allow other cryptocurrencies to be moved off of their exchange? Yes

MOVE off/out of Bittrex – BCH? Yes

                        NEO? Yes

                        XRP? Yes

                         LTC? No

                        ETH? No

                        BTC? No

 Is this Source truth regarding the Bittrex exchange? Yes.

Will other exchanges like Binance allow you to move your coins freely? Yes.

Well, I hope this has helped, it’s of course not financial advice. If you don’t trust the exchanges just move all your crypto off is best. For me I want my orders filled. I have been waiting for this long now and not going to move off at a crucial time. I understand I run the risk of losing the coins but I am not playing with huge amounts and for me, the gains are greater if I listen to spirit and these orders get filled. So its a risk worth taking. And so far I have followed spirits guidance to Vietnam and I am loving it here.

It’s all to do with our trust we put in our own connection with guidance from higher realms. If you follow the guidance almost blindly, it shows your faith and trust in your connection. So the flow will keep coming. Just have in place practices to ensure what you are getting is directly from Source and you are fine. The dam timelines will keep stuffing us around but the information is correct. Much love and light to you all, hope you are shining it brightly for your area of the world.

All the best, Jule

Author: Jule