BTC Magic – changing direction


Latest update regarding the Bitcoin price. For nearly 3 months I have been saying that BTC will drop down to the 3 – 4 thousand dollar range, recently only saying 4 k range because that’s where my orders sat and knew I would be hard-pressed to get orders filled under that 4k price but that it was indeed going to fall into the 3 thousand range but only very quickly……………..Well, I have meditated and divined most of today and was wanting to share my process of how I dowsed and divined my information from my guides for the first time in a youtube video. I was surprised to get a change in answer that I normally get for BTC.

In this process live on my video recording. I got a No we are no longer going down to the 4 k range. And No my orders are not going to get filled to buy BTC in this low 4K range………Ummm I little niggle of annoyance, if I had of known, could have tried to put in orders in the 6.5k it dropped to yesterday. Not obviously what my guides were wanting for me. No, I’m not a trader and not supposed to be my priority, I know and understand this. Which it’s not, but still, like you I have been waiting a long time on this thing to make its magic happen.

So I check and re-check again to see if the information I have coming through is correct, my guides highest Source and it is. So now I have changed my tune on the drop because spirit says we are not going any lower. This is the lowest we will see BTC this year, even into next year. I’m sure there will be some drops next year but not as low as this……. I’m sure you have heard this all before but I wanted it confirmed for myself and that’s what I got told. No lower!

BTC will go up in this next move to around the 11K range maybe just to 12k in this next run, but doubful if it gets over just yet…. Knowing BTC we could be a bit sideways for a while before this happens but it really doesn’t have much time. I feel BTC will be on the move again soon. It will, of course, run much higher than that. I did get confirmed all-time highs again this Year could be right towards the end but I have had this confirmed for ages. In fact, I got over ATH 25 – 26K by end of year possibly 28K in the early new year…….. Please note, My information changed on the 90k I had previously got by year-end. Now is looking at April May for that. That will be a nice birthday present for me! Manipulation and moving the goal post is largely at play here and it will continue as the planetary energies purge the shit than it needs too. This will continue all through next year there will be no smooth sailing. I don’t see manic upheaval though. I see course controlled manipulation that is about wearing down the masses. It’s like a huge test really and it should be seen like that, a spiritual test of commitment and faith in what you believe in………. A stronger and stronger connection to your inner self and standing strong in your stance as just about everything and everyone gets shaken out. If you take away time from technology and to be in nature, friends, family, and laughter you will be just fine.

So, long story short, keep the faith! I see us as now going up! I didn’t like continually saying we were going down but was certainly picking up that energy and I only share directly from my Source guides. Well, I believe it’s done now, it’s had it’s down. I will, of course, check my info again as I always do, I check and re-check again for clarity. BTC’s next movements are up to 11 k range to eventually ATH year-end and the 90k end of the first quarter of 2020.

I hope this has helped, not financial advice, go within trust your own guidance!

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Author: Jule