BTC & Judgement


My asking was BTC is currently at 7k, yes, was it going to go further down from here? No.

Would it make a move up soon, yes. Was it going over 15k this month? Yes

Was it going up to 18k in the near future? Would it reach around 18K by the end December? Yes most likely if not early Jan. Would it stay at this level for long? No. Will lots of people be cashing out of BTC then? Yes

Will it still see a 3 – 4k after that? Yes. Will I have time to cash out of my other crypto? Yes. Should I cash out or already have orders in place to cash out? Yes, have the orders in place.

So, I had been saying this 3 – 4k range for a really long time but changed my tune last post and said it wasn’t going to happen this year. And I still say its not happening this year. But it is still happening but only after we get this peak up to around 18k and then you will see most people taking profits and getting out. I think it is all over the internet most see BTC going down to these lows. I was saying it back in September but my timelines are out because I thought it was going down from the 6 – 7 k level but it is not. It goes up first before it comes down.

So I kinda, have my own preconceived ideas as we all do, to how I think BTC going to move and it ends up wrong because I have asked with my own preconceived notions tainting the information as the interpretation. I am learning as a new psychic flow coming through both how to ask questions. Needs to be in many ways to confirm an answer and then also how to interpret the answer. Being not that is something I wanted to come to pass myself has put the information as me saying its happening immediately and it didn’t. However the information is true and comes direct communication from spirit.

I think for many of us spiritual psychic people whether sharing our information or not, myself included, is to really practice coming from a place without judgement. Because with judgement is closely attached to the ego. All very well being psychic and sharing your spirit guides information but foremost should be the pure practice of developing the spiritual universal principles and one of the most important is to not judge ourselves or others. Or judging my information my work, which happens naturally. Instead to come from a non-duality view point of just observing. Which is what I am doing with making these comments.

The more we delve deeper into judgement of not only ourselves, others and things the worse the trap gets and the more deeper lower the vibration. I mean its definitely I learning curve for me and I am finding the more I remove myself from that vibration the better I feel. In the beginning we have to constantly remind ourselves though because of this Earths timeline of duality, the black and white, the good and bad, that is exactly what this timeline is all about.  To offer us contrast to then make a decision (free will) to evolve the soul on the journey or not, get stuck if not focusing on the right things to be able to continue to evolve.

So, the judgement trap is at the world stage of everything, politics, media, society everything plays out so we may judge it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have an opinion but really is it that important when you know what the big picture is. The trap that it is snarling you deeper and deeper into, to be on this side or that. It’s Judgement is what bred separateness, disagreement and then started wars. It is also small-minded judgement that had many enlightened ones burned at the stake and other tragedy’s throughout history took place. This kind of trap is manipulated to drag you deeper by those than govern the matrix manipulations. Because if you are focusing on these outside things outside of yourself, you are not focusing on you, the inner you, coming from a heart space. If you are to sit in meditation and come from the heart space, using your hearts divine wisdom there is no judgement at all. We only see souls then that have sacrificed in a certain timeline, lifetime to deliver pain , which is an agreement made between two souls coming in to gain soul growth, for awakening in this lifetime………………And keep in mind it is far harder to be the soul that is hated than it is to be the one that is good and loved!

If you really think about that from a heart space you will then understand the sacrifice. Practicing from your heart space is what evolves the soul and brings greater compassion and understanding way beyond this earth-bound 3D reality.

Ok, I am mainly trying to convey is when you feel judgement of self or others creep in, think about it again from a heart space and then you will feel your soul lighten and lift up more………And when you do judge, as all humans do, don’t be hard on yourself. I know I have touched on some topic about some souls delivering pain to others as perhaps a touchy subject. Which will not make sense to some at all and that’s ok, because eventually it will.

So back to BTC my latest information today is we will start to move up. I get it going to around 18k this time and this would be a great place to take profits on a lot of your crypto before it goes down to that 3 – 4k range. It would be best to have your sell orders already in place and waiting because everyone is waiting for this. For me the crypto I am selling some of, or most to buy back in are BTC, XTZ, EOS, RDD, XRP, LTC,  BAT because I am overly invested in it. I will be buying ETH and more NEO in the lows to correct my portfolio.

I know this information has changed from the last post in which we have still yet to get the 11k range heading towards 26k end of the year, well that’s not happening as got canceled out by the latest is the 18k the highest expected top. At least we have not gone down further, so that was true. Just instead hovering unkindly in this 7 k range stated 2 months ago. I think my biggest mistake is predicting time does certainly not work. I’m learning.

Oh God, do not take financial crypto advice from me, I’m into evolving the soul first and crypto is my hobby and that’s why I share what I get.

Note definitely not financial advice, go within trust your own guidance! But you know that 🙂

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Author: Jule