2020 Crypto update

Hello and happy holidays

Sorry, I have not posted for such a long time, I’m currently back in Australia spending time with family for the holidays.

It’s good finally some nice crypto action happening. Not exactly what we would have thought though, by any means, even I was expecting much greater gains by now.  But anyway here we are and as of the last few days my meditations and divining have been very powerful. It is, of course, a very powerful weekend this weekend with the Full Lunar eclipse in Cancer and I feel my own emotions are heightened in a positive good way. Believe me that has not always been the case. I am super excited about the 12th Jan Stellium in Capricorn conjunct with Saturn and Pluto that has not happened in 500 years, meaning the last time this happened was in 1518 when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic church. All signifying purging and rebirth.

So on this Sunday 12th Jan here in Australia I had a powerful meditation today that anchored the Aquarian light into this 3D time, invoking powerful new energy across the planet. Also confirming the information I got the last few days regarding crypto calls.

So, for the crypto curious my latest divining is as follows – Keeping in mind I have decided to work in a time frame of a 3 month quarters, so this first quarter Jan, Feb and March, as it’s just too hard to pinpoint the time. There are so many altcoins, I really only ask on a few of them that come to my attention at the time. There are many other great ones I just have not had a chance to enquire to my guide about them yet. My focus I feel for the last few months has been too heavily on Bitcoin and even just recently my understanding to shift gears and focus on others that will make gains to make trade profits is part of my focus for the crypto rollercoaster ride this year. Before it was not, it was just to see how they were going and wait for the long hold all based around BTC.

So I have done some new coins for me, I don’t usually ask about. Here we go –

XRP is heating up and getting ready to run, but I do get not quite yet, not this month, more next month is when I get the confirmation but as we know timing is unpredictable. It is hot to run though and I got over $1, yes.  $2.00? yes. $2.30, yes and maybe $2.40? yes. $2.50 not yet in this first quarter anyway.

ZCASH will run again this first quarter and I got back up to between $120 – $130? Yes feeling strong.

Nebulas? Yes in this quarter. Should I invest in it? No. Will other people money in this one? Yes. Sorry I didn’t get a price.

Electroneum? Going up this quarter? Yes, 5 cents? Yes to a top of 8 cents? Yes. To 9 cents? No

Theta this quarter yes up to 30 cents, Yes

OMG, I am excited about this one, OmiseGo will run this quarter, A big Yes! I have a little, I didn’t have a lot of this one and asked to buy it? Yes. To trade? Yes. At $6.00? Yes This one will do a run to between $6 – $7 dollars. I’m trading out of some at around $6, I haven’t asked further along yet. I do know this is a good one for the future long term as well. So, it is one I will hold long term but also doing some trading to make some gains is good on this one because it is so low right now, so incredibly low at 0.68 today. Don’t forget the ATH on this one is $28.35 and this Asian crypto is not to be forgotten. I like it a lot! Spirit likes it a lot as well!

BSV has had some nice profits and I was blessed to take advantage of it just recently, so I asked my guide should I be taking some profit? No. I got not yet, this one has not finished its run but will be keeping a close eye on it.

Digibyte – DGB is another good one, but I do not get it will run this quarter. I get it will run-up in the early second quarter so possibly the end of March, April/May and it will go to what I predicted a while back which is .30 cents. I didn’t get it going higher than that in that particular time frame but I will keep checking.

A new coin ENERGI wow spirit likes this one, YES. Should I invest in it? Yes. Will people make money out of this coin ENERGI? Yes…………… need to check in more with this coin now but the timing didn’t allow. I will come back with more info on it soon.

Tezos – XTZ this one will move a little back up to around $1.90 in this first quarter.

EOS will also run this quarter. Looking at between $9.20 – $9.30 it will drop back when it gets to the $10 range so have sell order in place, it will drop back 30%.

Zilliqua – ZIL this fabulous one is about to run this quarter massively. I got between $25 – $26, YES huge gains if you are in this one. Take some profits along the way for sure.

I’m sure others will run too but as I said these are the ones I checked in on. I am excited for this quarter for the Altcoins.

The information I have on BTC has not changed really, still getting a low at some point and not seeing currently a huge movement up sorry.

I hope this has helped, not financial advice, go within trust your own guidance! If you wanted to request a Coin Request or your own information on one question. You can do so here –

Author: Jule